Newest addition to the Brand Center

Screenshot of the Power in Our Connections video. You can find it in the Brand Center.

By RI’s social & digital team

Have you visited the Brand Center lately? We’ve added a new video, “Power in Our Connections,” that you can share on social media. By doing so, you become part of our public image campaign, helping us show how we are People of Action.

We have created an “omnibus” version of the video that shows multiple projects. But you can also select a regional version to focus in on an individual story for your location. Options include videos showing projects about building sustainable housing in Austria, supporting a mobile blood bank in India, or providing food and medicine in Taipei.

To post the video to your social channels, download it from the Brand Center (you can find it under Images&Video>Videos). Create a post, writing something about the video and being sure to include the #peopleofaction hashtag. Try adding an open-ended question to engage the reader and keep the conversation going.

For instance, you might write, “We are proud to be #peopleofaction making a difference in our community. Which projects would you like to see our club tackle in 2019?” or “When we come together as #peopleofaction, there’s no limit to what we can achieve to make our world a better place. What would taking action in your community look like?”

Respond to replies by clicking the like button or replying with even more information. For example, if someone replies “I’d love to see your club take on literacy projects” you might respond “Thanks for the suggestion! We currently have a Little Free Library at this location and look forward to expanding our literacy projects this year.” Remember, engagement is a two-way street, so keep the dialogue open.

Use the right size video for your intended social media platform. The following sizes are optimized for the following platforms:

  • 1:1 square will work on all platforms.
  • 16:9 horizontal is recommended for Facebook and YouTube.
  • 9:16 vertical is best for Snapchat and Stories (available on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube)

Send additional questions about social media to our team at

Happy posting!

4 thoughts on “Newest addition to the Brand Center

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  2. Why do we have to continually log in as already asked? Other systems allow us to log in and they REMEMBER us unlike RI. For that reason, I do not use pmail either. Too much trouble!


  3. I’m already a member, albeit a new one…Why do I need a password….to get a media release ?

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