Contributor guidelines


Have you recently participated in a Rotary service project? Has a Rotary service effort affected you personally as a volunteer, donor, or beneficiary?  Share your story and inspire others to join us in our humanitarian efforts to meet critical needs around the world.

We welcome blog posts from Rotarians and other members of the Rotary family, including our partners, staff, supporters, and program alumni on timely, relevant topics that fall within Rotary’s six areas of focus — peace and conflict resolution/prevention, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, and economic and community development.

Send your post as a word document to blog@rotary.orgAlong with your post, please submit any photos (at least 960 x 440 pixels, with captions included) or videos you would like to embed. Please ensure you have the rights to use submitted photos.

Blog posts should meet the following requirements:

1) Keep it short. Posts should be 300 to 700 words and be about one topic or idea.

2) Posts should be written for a wide audience and avoid jargon or technical language. Write like you speak using conversational language to explain things clearly, and include specific examples to illustrate a point.

3) Write in the first person “I’ voice and include personal observations and impressions. The best posts tell a story, that will inspire other people to want to know more about Rotary.

4) Write for an online audience. Online attention spans are short, and readers scan a page more than they read word-by-word. Keeping that in mind, employ scannable tactics such as:

  • Short paragraphs (one idea a paragraph)
  • Short sentences
  • Highlighted keywords
  • Sub-headings
  • Bulleted lists

5) Be direct. Most blog readers decide if an entry is worth reading in just a few seconds. State your main point in the beginning of your post and include supporting information in subsequent paragraphs.

6) Include links to other sites, blogs, partner organizations.

7) Consider incorporating mulitmedia features including embedded videos, images, and infographics to provide compelling and easily digestible content for readers. The shorter the video, the more likely people will watch it through to the end. Include photos that show people taking action and get close.

8) Encourage reader interaction by providing a clear call to action, such as asking readers to post their thoughts in the comments section or to share the piece on social media with their networks.

Blog posts may be edited for clarity and brevity. Please keep in mind that not all submissions can be published. We welcome and appreciate contributions but we can’t publish everything we receive. Following these guidelines will improve your chances considerably.