Contributor guidelines


Every Rotary member has a story. It’s probably the reason you joined Rotary, or at least why you stay.

We started this blog to give people like you a place to share your story. And by doing so, you help us increase the public’s understanding of what we stand for and the impact we make. We welcome posts from any member, program alumni, or anyone who has worked with us or taken part in a service project. Send your story as a word document to

Add photos

Photos add interest to a blog post. Send action photos (at least 960 x 440 pixels, with captions included) as separate .jpg attachments, making sure to sign and include our artist release form. (Please ensure you have the rights to use submitted photos.) Find tips on taking better photos in these blog posts.

Blog posts should meet the following requirements:

1) Keep it short. Posts should be 300 to 700 words and be about one topic or idea.

2) Posts should be written for a wide audience and avoid jargon or technical language. Write like you speak using conversational language to explain things clearly, and include specific examples to illustrate a point.

3) Write in the first person “I’ voice and include personal observations and impressions. The best posts tell a story, that will inspire other people to want to know more about Rotary.

4) Write for an online audience. Online attention spans are short, and readers scan a page more than they read word-by-word. Keeping that in mind, employ scannable tactics such as:

  • Short paragraphs (one idea a paragraph)
  • Short sentences
  • Highlighted keywords
  • Sub-headings
  • Bulleted lists

5) Be direct. Most blog readers decide if an entry is worth reading in just a few seconds. State your main point in the beginning of your post and include supporting information in subsequent paragraphs.

6) Include links to other sites, blogs, partner organizations.

7) Encourage reader interaction by providing a clear call to action, such as asking readers to post their thoughts in the comments section or to share the piece on social media with their networks.

Blog posts may be edited for clarity and brevity. While we encourage posts, we unfortunately can’t publish every submission we receive. But following these guidelines will improve your chances considerably. 

Community Rules (for commenting on blog posts)

We welcome a robust discussion and encourage readers to comment on blog posts. Comments are moderated, so there may be a delay in their posting. Also, to keep this site and its contents cordial and of high quality, we reserve the right to reject comments that don’t meet the following guidelines.

  1. Consider the Four-Way Test Before Posting
    Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
  2. Be Kind and Courteous
    Maintain a welcoming and encouraging environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect.
  3. No Harmful Comments
    Harmful comments and attacks on a person’s character will not be allowed. Comments that include obscenity or profanity, or degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will also not be approved.
  4. No Promotions or Spam
    This site is about stories of service to others. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links will not be approved.
  5. Respect Everyone’s Privacy
    Do not share personal details and sensitive information such as telephone numbers, addresses, financial information etc. If you want someone to contact you, include an email address. (But first consider whether you want to share that information with the entire digital community.)