A reason to wear your Rotary pin

Ron Nethercutt

Ron Nethercutt

By Ron Nethercutt, past chair of the Rotarians on the Internet Fellowship and a member of the Rotary Club of Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines

One of my unexpected surprises as a member of Rotary came during a large chamber of commerce meeting held at the Trade Center in New Orleans.

A young lady approached me and said “I want to thank you.” I asked “Why? Have we met?” She responded by saying she saw my Rotary pin that I was wearing and that she gave thanks to every Rotarian she saw. 

She went on to tell me how she had been named a Rotary Scholar and earned a master’s degree in international banking at Oxford University, following undergraduate work in accounting. Upon returning from Oxford, she was hired at the largest bank in New Orleans, and after a few short years, she was named vice president for that bank’s investments in Latin America. She specialized in bank loans to young people to financially assist in their development.

I’m sure we all have some personal stories to tell about those being helped by Rotary. My own club has a constant flow of young children who we have helped receive both minor and major medical operations.

I share the above story since it came as a complete surprise for something for which I had no personal involvement. Our only link was that Rotary pin.

Do you have a story about wearing your Rotary pin? Share it below.


23 thoughts on “A reason to wear your Rotary pin

  1. Wear your Rotary pin daily.
    It’s a way to show you care
    Take pride of place on your shirt lapel
    Ensure that it is always there.
    People will notice it and talk to you
    They’ll ask you, “What does it mean?”
    An opportunity for you to talk
    And explain the Rotary dream.

    It’s a daily reminder of Rotary’s values
    And the work which Rotary does.
    Of how Rotary has changed our precious world
    And the Four way test is great to discuss.
    It’s a conversation starter, an Ice-breaker
    A way to make new friends.
    It will keep you focused on your public image
    Whilst Rotary in your life extends.

    An opportunity to bring new members to join
    A creative way to catch their eye.
    You can wear it on casual, comfy clothes,
    Or your work attire, whatever you desire.
    Be recognised throughout this great big world
    Other Rotarians will notice you too.
    By wearing your Rotary pin each day,
    You’ll be impressed with what it will do.


  2. Every Rotarian should be proud to wear their RI “membership” pin. I recently had someone ask what mine represented. They had never heard of “Rotarians” – or even Polio!!! Maybe they now do (but I am, unfortunately, somewhat doubtful). We still have a lot of work to do. Cheers! WB


  3. I am an attorney in Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA, and recently attended the funeral of an elderly attorney in our city. I was wearing my Rotary pin on the lapel of my suit. I was seated in a special section reserved for attorneys. Shortly afterwards a gentleman came and sat next to me. He saw my pin and the first thing he said to me was, “Oh, you’re a Rotarian, too.” He was a member of a Rotary club about seventy-five miles away. We would not have made the connection if I had not been wearing my pin.


  4. Had the opportunity to travel to South America, from the United States, for the first time and did not speak CONVERSATIONAL Brasilian Portuguese. Another passenger saw the Rotary pin and assisted me through the large ( and strange to me ) airport as well as “customs” !!!


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  6. I´m rotarian since 2002, and that year I was at Orlando, for a Meeting, and, in the airport, during the check-in, I was faced by the Orange County´s Sheriff that was verifiyn each passenger, searching for bombs in the shoes. I was with my Rotary´s Pin and, when I arrived just in face of the Sheriff, he said to me: “Just pass by, please, straight to the exit. That way”. All of the passengers befor me were examined and have to take their shoes off, except me.
    Certainly, the Rotary´s Pin made the difference at that moment…


    DIST 2980


  8. Several years ago, my sister and I stopped at a Napa restaurant for lunch. A woman approached us and asked if she could join. We all started chatting and she told us that she had just returned from a 5-week stay in Chile … for free! Rotary! That fall I applied for a spot on the Rotary exchange team and was turned down. I sent the chair a thank you note for allowing me the opportunity to apply. The following year, I received a phone call. Applications and interviews were coming up for the team headed to Japan, and did I want to apply again. I was selected, and that trip changed my life. I’m now the PR chair of our local club. So thankful for Rotary.


  9. I had similar experience a few years ago. Had spent a few days at R.I. in Evanston with my DG. I flew back separately. I was weaving my Rotary shirt. The flight attendant announced “We have a Rotarian on board !”. Turns out she received a Rotary Scholarship that helped her attend Univ. of Chicago. Shortly after she announces “Free drinks for the Rotarian !” Then … “would you like dinner ?” When it got to her offering me anything in their airline catalog of promotional gifts that I finally drew the line, and declined the offer. But we had several great chats, and I wished her luck in her career. What a great experience, and so wonderful to see how much Rotary is appreciated.
    Geoffrey James, Salem, Oregon (District 5100)


  10. For many years,upon my return from exchange in Finland, I too would stop pin wearing Rotarians on the street to thank them for the Youth Exchange program. One day, when the story was about how my own daughter had been chosen for Rotary Youth Exchange, I was asked, “So with all your positive regard for Rotary, why aren’t you a Rotarian yourself?” I replied, “Because I was never asked.”
    Now I am a Rotarian, even a past-president of my club, and while I don’t always have my pin on (it’s on my coat or jacket) I drive a lime green VW Beetle, covered with daisies, butterflies, Rotary wheels, and bearing aRotary licence plate.
    Don’t forget to invite those thankful alumni to further involvement. 🙂 Lots of us were just waiting to be asked.


  11. I monitor a bike parking set up each year for several brewers festivals and recruit volunteers through internet social media.
    3 volunteers this past weekend saw my Energizer Award, presented to me by District 5100 Governor Sharon Starr last July. One was a RYLA recipient and she shared her experience working in a village in Chile helping children in the school the sponsoring club helped build. She said the experience chained her life and she want to start a Rotoract club at the local community college. She’s got my support! The other two are her schoolmates and they are now interested in being part of the greatest service organization there is!


  12. I hope that you invited the young woman to join Rotary if she has not already. These are the best opportunities to engage with potential members. I am a Rotarian because I feel grateful for what Rotary invested in me as an exchange student. I wear my pin or my Rotary hat almost everyday and have made new Rotary friends because of it.


    • I work with the Immigration Service of my country and one guy from an East African country entered my office for extension of stay. He was wearing a Rotary branded shirt and immediately I saw him, I called him and offered an expedited service for free.


  13. I also Thank every Rotarian that I come in contact with because I am a polio survivor and Rotary has been working for along time to “end polio now” and the task is big and we need to support them in the cause.


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  16. This is really important to follow because using every day and all the time our Pin we show how much attachment we have and feel to Rotary


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