How is your club celebrating Rotary’s anniversary?

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On 23 February, Rotary marks its 113th year. Above are images of clubs celebrating around the world. Send us a jpg attachments of your event, along with a brief description and photo credit information to to be considered for our gallery.

8 thoughts on “How is your club celebrating Rotary’s anniversary?

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  2. Reavivamento do Marco Rotário na cidade de Rio das Pedras, Distrito 4310.
    Nosso presente ao Dia do Rotary!

    #rotaryrdp50anos #fazendoadiferença


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  4. Rotary club of Amman Capital members, families and friends and the local community and at sweimeh governmental school – Dead Sea area planted hundreds of trees in respond to RI president to support the environment & provide shade for our children at the Rotary anniversary of113 years raising the challenge of planting 1.2 million trees with representatives from Ministry of Education and ministry of Agriculture, a fully irrigated garden of more than 3000 SQM was provided by Rotary Capital with the help of the school students , also Rotary information was provided to guests to bring awareness of who we are and how we serve our community thanks to all the members & volunteers


  5. Rotary Club RUFINO celebrara los 113 años de Fundación de Rotary con el siguiente evento:
    Artistas plásticos de la ciudad de Rosario de la ONG “Arte q ayuda a Curar”,con la colaboración de artistas plásticos locales,miembros de nuestro club,Rotaract,Interact, profesionales de la salud,sector publico y publico en general,pintaran el Sector de Pediatría, del Hospital Local.El propósito es hacer el sextos pediátrico un espacio mas solidario alegre,contenedor,q colabore con la sanación física y emocional de pacientes,familiares y procesionales.


  6. Today in Western Australia, Rotarians are wearing their Rotary shirts all day going about their normal activities or work, to help publicise and promote Rotary. We are posting photos on our Club Facebook pages.


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