Living a Rotary dream

Desai and his brick

Binish Desai and the brick his company makes from industrial waste.

By Binish Desai, a member of the Rotary Club of Bulsar, India, and a former Rotary Youth Exchange student

India is my Nation
Valsad is my Station
Helping is my Aim
Binish is my Name

I’ll never forget the introduction I used as an exchange student.

This year, I have had the outstanding opportunity of not only meeting other youth exchange students from around the world, but of being recognized by my Rotary community as an outstanding alumnus. My youth exchange took place in 2009-10 almost six years ago, and yet my Rotary experience feels like it’s just beginning.

Polar Plunge

Binish Desai takes part in the Polar Bear Plunge.

During my exchange to Waukegan, Illinois, I searched for opportunities to be a part of the community and help out. For this I took up a challenge called the Polar Bear Plunge, which involved jumping into a frozen Lake Michigan in the heart of winter! I collected the highest amount any individual had ever collected for the event to support Special Olympics. In recognition of my community service, the town of Waukegan gave me their ambassador pin, and my host school district awarded me with a Superintendent’s Leadership Award. I was most honored to be named a Paul Harris Fellow by my host club.

But it’s not the recognition that drives me. You could say I’ve been serving my community since I was young. At the age of 11, I had an urge to invent things that would help society. I created a brick made out of paper waste and chewing gum that is one of eight patents I own.


The toilets are stronger, cheaper, and more durable than conventional ones.

Just a few years after my exchange year, I started my own company to provide low cost eco-friendly building materials and today I am chairman of the BDream Group of Industries. We take industrial waste and process it with a specially formulated base, then form it into bricks that are dried using solar power.

My inventions help recycle a large amount of industrial waste every day and provide low cost houses and toilets to rural India. We also provide subsidized toilets to local Rotary projects. Giving back to Rotary in this way is important to me.

I joined the Rotary Club of Bulsar in 2015 because I believe in what Rotary does. I was honored to be nominated by my district and selected as one of the zone winners of the Rotary Alumni Global Service Award. Being one of the youngest youth exchange students to be nominated for this award humbles me, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

My father is an active Rotarian, so I grew up around Rotary. I live a dream every day; a dream I started at age 11, that was made a reality as a Rotary Youth Exchange student, and that I have lived ever since.

12 thoughts on “Living a Rotary dream

  1. Binish, you are proud of our district 3060, you have achieved the award winning performance in your initial stage of life. Happy to know that your rotary exchange helped to develop your personality.

    Our best wishes for all future endeavour and dream.

    DG Parag (2015-16).


  2. Binesh! During your exchange, you spent the weekend with my wife Debbie and me. We surprised you with a bunch of Indian snacks. We are thrilled and proud of what you have accomplished. When we saw the Rotary post we were so happy and proud! Well done my friend!!!


  3. dear binish
    i heard your presentation in nostalgia in Goa and was truly impressed by your achievements at this young age. You are a role model for today’s young generation people. keep on doing the good work and wish you a very very bright future.


  4. Congratulations on achieving whatever you have achieved so far at this young age. I think this is just the beginning and I wish you will have many more achievements coming your way.

    Your dad used to share your achievements with great pride and even today he does so with equal pride and joy. Parents aspire their kids to do well in life and will celebrate each and every achievements with great pride and magnanimity. You have already given many such moments to your parents at this young age. This will certainly add more years to their life. Your success and achievements can be attributed to your upbringing and to Rotary Club, of course and most importantly to your mother.

    Keep doing good things in life, no, great things in life and any business or profession with social objective behind will surely succeed. Success is a journey not a destination and keep travelling at your own pace on this journey.

    I wish you all the very best in all your endeavours.


  5. Binish
    I was a Rotary International Exchange Student in 1962 …. 1962 …
    You carry on your excellent work
    Clever man that you obviously are ….
    Dr George Waters
    President Elect and
    East Timor Coordinator, Community Engagement Committee
    Rotary Club Of Bendigo Sandhurst Australia
    0418 522 855


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