Tips for smarter fundraising

150209_burrellBy Evan Burrell, a member of the Rotary Club of Turramurra, New South Wales, Australia, and a regular contributor to this blog

I’m not a huge donor with the capability of making or breaking your club’s fundraising campaign. At least not yet. And I am fully aware Rotary isn’t just a fundraising organization. But we do need funds to carry on our service projects and do good in the world.

So here are a few of my ideas for how to put fun back in your fundraiser, and increase your reach and effectiveness.

Members of a Rotary Club in Illinois, USA, cut oranges during an event to raise money for club projects.

Members of a Rotary Club in Illinois, USA, cut oranges during an event to raise money for club projects.

Use online crowdfunding sites
Rotary clubs generally underutilize social media to raise funds. Sites like Gofundme, KickstarterIndiegogo, and Rotary Ideas get instant donations for your cause. And you can use the built-in features to share it on social media. Just look at how much has been raised in a short period of time for victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Share YOUR story
If you want people to donate, you need to give them a reason why. People need to hear about the amazing things Rotary has done, and how Rotary has impacted you. Take polio, for example. Many people in the west don’t have any firsthand experience with the effects of polio, because the region has been polio-free for some time. So we need to continue to personalize the campaign. Relay how polio has personally touched you or someone in your family, such as a parent or grandparent.

Put it into perspective
When people donate, you need to thank them and tell them where the donation is going. For example “That $150 donation you gave just funded hundreds of lifesaving polio vaccines.” For the cost of a cup of coffee, you can save 40 lives from polio.

Brainstorm ideas and events!
Be creative and think of things that can involve everyone in your club and make a memorable campaign.Try a barbecue cook-off, cake bake, a roller skating marathon, or organize a Rotary family sports game and donate the proceeds to your cause. Stand out by setting a theme to your event, Maybe you can have a combined district dinner incorporating costumes. If people are having fun, they are more likely to donate.

Build awareness:
Promoting your event is a huge part of any fundraiser. If you want people to attend, and more importantly give money, you need to tell them about your event. It is as simple as that! Think about your audience and where you can reach them. Attend other club meetings, district events, use social media, put ads in the local press or even on television if you are running a large enough event.

Don’t forget your call to action
People want to help, but they need reminders. After nearly every speaking engagement or social media post, include a call to action. These can include things like “Tell your friends,” “share this,” “spread the word,” “get your early-bird event tickets,” etc.

Learn more about how you can pay for your project through fundraising events

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