Challenging the status quo in Rotary

Mohan Kumar
Mohan Kumar

By K V Mohan Kumar, charter president, Rotary Club of Bangalore Prime, India

Rotary is constantly in the process of change. Change is essential to stay relevant, as Rotary’s founder Paul Harris noted with his famous quote:

“This is a changing world, we must be prepared to change with it. The story of Rotary will have to be written again and again.”

Paul Harris, This Rotarian Age, Circa 1935

Many things drive that change in Rotary:

  • Annual turnover of leadership roles that bring new thinking and new goals.
  • Changes in the needs of our members and potential members as society changes, with an accompanying pressure for flexibility in terms of types of clubs, meeting options, and membership types.
  • The advance of technology like new tools on, reporting platforms like Rotary Club Central, and virtual and hybrid meeting platforms.
  • Changes in the communities and ecosystem in which we operate.

Challenging the status quo is never easy. Any change triggers opportunities and risks. But questioning the status quo is important because it gives us the opportunity to have a deeper conversation about our purpose and relevance.

The desire to have bigger, better, and bolder projects makes challenging the status quo not an option but a necessity. Online and blended learning platforms are helping provide more students than ever with quality education opportunities. Being an organization that advocates for causes and embraces global diversity is not just a possibility, but a reality in Rotary.

I embrace Rotary’s strategic vision and Action Plan as the change we need to position Rotary to evolve as it should. It’s the road forward to the new normal, acknowledging the changing world around us.

Share how you are creating change with the Action Plan  

2 thoughts on “Challenging the status quo in Rotary

  1. At the top of your comment, you said, “Rotary is constantly in the process of change.” I agree!

    Much of Rotary is constantly changing, but not all, and that is a good thing. Those clubs that are comfortable with the way things are, should not be badgered, as seems to be the new custom.

    The door is wide open for the launch of new types of Rotary Club, either cause-based or a Satellite, or a club that skips meals, or meets on a different day, etc. There is room for change, but it can’t be forced.

    As we should all know, it’s far easier to keep a member, than recruit a new one. Engage your fellow club members. Let them know their opinion is important, and you value their membership


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