New Programs of Scale grants for new year

Using global grant funding, Rotary members provided a well, water tower, and new fountains to a village in Benin.

By Victor Barnes, Director of Programs & Grants

In 2013, Rotary set out on its new grant model under the Future Vision Plan, in the hopes that the approach would enhance the scope, impact, and sustainability of humanitarian projects. More than six years later, and with over $460 million invested in almost 7,000 projects across the globe, Rotary is ready to augment these critical investments with a new grant type. Beginning January 2020, Rotary International is introducing a highly selective, competitive grant model that empowers Rotarians to implement large-scale, high impact projects with experienced partners.

In support of Rotary’s Action Plan, Rotary International’s Programs of Scale grants will award $2 million to one approved project each year that responds to a community-identified need. These projects will benefit a large number of people in a significant geographic area using a sustainable, evidence-based intervention with measurable outcomes and impact. Each grant will support, for three to five years, activities that align with one or more of Rotary’s areas of focus.

This is an exciting opportunity to complement the international service Rotarians already undertake with a larger grant investment over a longer time frame. Time and resources that will be dedicated to help deliver service in communities that will live on beyond project implementation. And by focusing on documenting the metrics of our good works, we get a clearer picture of results, and the good Rotary does around the world.

To find out more about this ambitious opportunity, visit

5 thoughts on “New Programs of Scale grants for new year

  1. Please l need this project to be implemented in Tanzania Kagera Region by our organization called CCRD.
    Thanks very much for your efforts and struggle.
    Richard Kaimukirwa


  2. Great idea and I thank rotary international. Supporting projects in our communities will definitely enhance the image of rotary and a great impact to the needy people out there. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing this exciting news. The reach and impact of this programme could be enhanced through partnership with Government and active Country NGOs in the specific area of focus in target countries


  4. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity of creating a program on a grand scale to benefit our local communities. This is certainly an exciting opportunity to undertake and we intend to take make an application for an AMAZING project in our region. This type of grant will make a significant impact to the lives of our people by building long sustaining and life-changing programs.


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