3 tools for building peace in your community

Participants take part in a mapping exercise to understand how the eight Pillars of Positive Peace are interconnected during a workshop in Mexico in 2017.

By Summer Lewis, Rotary-IEP Partnership Coordinator

When you think about peace, do you think about how peace is lived and practiced? Are you seeing images of violence and thinking peace is the “opposite” of that?

There is no one right way to define peace, but there are many ways to work towards it.

Rotary has partnered with the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) to lead the conversation to define what peace is (and isn’t), how peace is measured, and how peace is practiced. And you can be a part of that conversation too. Here’s how:

  1. Join the Rotary Positive Peace Academy

Learn how to measure peace, understand the Positive Peace framework, and gain concrete ways to engage in Rotary’s peace work in this free online training course.

  1. Start a conversation

Use our toolkit to facilitate a discussion between Rotarians and local peacebuilders to determine what practical peace investments can be made in your community:

  1. Host a Positive Peace Workshop – coming mid-2019

 Equip young leaders with the knowledge to build and sustain peace. Held by local Rotary clubs and districts using funding provided by The Rotary Foundation Global Grants, these workshops will connect participants with concrete opportunities for action.

If you’d like to explore ways to host your own Positive Peace Workshop, contact me.

Tell us how you’re promoting positive peace locally by using #RotaryPositivePeace on social media.

And however you choose to engage with peace, remember, we are all peacebuilders and we all have the capacity to make change.

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