Maximizing your giving with the ease of Rotary Direct

140214_rotarydirectBy Terry Ziegler, Rotary Foundation chair for District 5890 (Texas, USA)

I can relate to the frustration of having a cluttered mailbox. Last year, I found one more way to cut out the clutter — Rotary Direct.

In December, I reached out to The Rotary Foundation, delighted by the simple year-end gift record I received in acknowledgement of my automatic monthly donations. You get one statement at the end of the year, rather than each time you mail a check. That’s in addition to the fact that it’s automatic and easy — no checks to mail, no stamp costs.

By utilizing your debit cards, Rotary Direct sets up a fixed automatic payment, aligning your philanthropic giving with your monthly budget.

Beyond how this helps me manage my inbox, I also like how Rotary Direct trims administrative costs tied to processing gifts. Fewer steps for Rotary staff means more of my donations go directly to service — and that’s the most important part.

I give to The Rotary Foundation at the Paul Harris Society level because I appreciate the way my donations help to multiply the size and number of service projects which are created by Rotarians in clubs all around the world.

Learn more about Rotary Direct online and sign up today using the enrollment form. You can select to give monthly, quarterly, or annually. Giving to support The Foundation has never been easier.

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