Promoting world peace through air guitar

Justin Howard performs as Nordic Thunder during the Air Guitar World Championships in Finland.

By Justin Howard, a video editor for RI’s Broadcast Media Department

I’ve been competing in air guitar competitions for seven years now, and I have finally obtained the ultimate title —  2012 Air Guitar World Champion. 

Believe it or not, the purpose of competitive air guitar is to promote world peace. There is a saying that goes “You cannot hold a gun if you’re holding an air guitar.” As absurd as that sounds, it’s true. I have seen first hand the positive influence that air guitar has on people, and the joy it brings. I have traveled the world spreading this message of peace and love.

There are a dozen countries that are represented during the Air Guitar World Championships that take place in Oulu, Finland. Each of these ambassadors of air gathers together, regardless of  their gender, religious beliefs, and the political agendas of their home country, to focus on one thing — bringing peace to the world by playing an invisible instrument.

If the world treated one another the way that air guitarists do, focused on loving each other while promoting happiness through good clean harmless FUN, the world would be a better place. I believe that air guitar can and certainly will change the world.

3 thoughts on “Promoting world peace through air guitar

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  2. I cherish this idea so much. Though I am new to it, I do believe that if majority can join hands in the crusade of promoting air guitar, in no distant time, the whole world will be better off.


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