Using Facebook to promote Rotary

130828_wagner1By Erin Wagner, a member of the Rotary Club of Minneapolis South, Minnesota, USA

I am a product of Rotary’s youth programs, which taught me some amazing lessons. For example:

A farm girl from Idaho, my youth exchange to France (2001-02) and the associated culture shock taught me to be aware of and question my assumptions, and to recognize that people are people all over the world. Continue reading

Cultivating a powerful social media presence

By Antoinette Tuscano, Rotary editorial staff

Social media has been a powerful tool in spreading Rotary’s message. When BigMarker conducted a survey this summer of which nonprofits in the Chicago market had made the biggest impact on social media, Rotary came out on top in our use of Twitter and Facebook (231,000 Facebook likes and 204,000 Twitter followers), second in use of all social media in the Chicago area, and 20th in the United States.

I was approached by BigMarker to answer a few questions for their blog on what it took to cultivate our social media presence. Here’s a bit of what I shared. You can see the full article here. Continue reading