7 steps to increasing your club’s Facebook presence

Facebook cover photo

Use a cover photo that really speaks to your club’s mission.

170214_wardBy Melissa Ward, Rotary Club of Twin Bridges, Southern Saratoga, New York, USA and chair of the Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship

A Facebook page gives your club a voice on Facebook. With so much other “noise” on social media, there are several things you can do to raise your club’s page above the distractions.  Continue reading

A sneak peek at the Web refresh

A sneak peak at the new Our Causes page.

A sneak peak at the new Our Causes page.

By Rotary staff

In January, visitors to Rotary.org will discover a new, contemporary site that tells Rotary’s story in a fresh and exciting way. It’s the first step in a two-part process to refresh our entire website: first the public site, Rotary.org, and then My Rotary.

Some of the changes will be obvious: a modern design, increased use of imagery and graphics to tell our stories, and better organization of content to help readers find out who we are and what we’re doing. Others, like the improved speed of the site, will be a welcome surprise.

We believe these changes will more clearly show that Rotary is making the world a better place — and will persuade potential members and donors to support Continue reading

How do you create stronger connections in your community?

Michael Bucca

Michael Bucca addresses a club about raising its profile in the community.

By Michael Bucca, president of The Central Ocean Rotary Club of Toms River, New Jersey, USA. 

Rotary clubs are always looking for ideas on how to increase membership and develop meaningful service projects. Sometimes, the answers lie outside our own club or organization.

Partnering with other local charities, or joining a service project already in progress, are excellent ways of furthering our mission of Service Above Self. Look around for organizations that share similar goals as Rotary. Invite someone from their group to come and speak to your club. In doing so, you develop an immediate contact that can be built into a deeper relationship. Continue reading

How to get a free website for your Rotary club

Mitty Change at the International Assembly

Mitty Chang unveils the free website offer to Rotary Leaders at Rotary’s annual training event in San Diego in January.

By Jermaine Ee, Rotary Club of Los Angeles

Mitty Chang and I, founders of Candeavor, met in the lobby of a budget hotel in Sydney, Australia, while attending the International Rotary Youth Leadership Awards at the 2014 Rotary Convention.

 Although we were both from California, we came from very different backgrounds. Mitty is from the technology center of the world, Silicon Valley, while I am from the media & entertainment center of the world, Los Angeles. And while Mitty has over a decade of experience in the Rotary family (he is a member of the Rotary E-Club of Silicon Valley), I was just a newbie. Continue reading

What is your image of Rotary?

150209_burrellBy Evan Burrell, a member of the Rotary Club of Turramurra, New South Wales, Australia, and a regular contributor to this blog

If you are a member of Rotary, you probably already know that it’s one of the largest and oldest service organizations, that we try to attract good people and equip them to be even better, and that we are all about doing good works in our local communities. But what does the general public think about Rotary? Continue reading

How to tell your Rotary story

Roy Gandy, left, members of the Rotary Club of Madison, Georgia, and volunteers stand by a ramp they built for a 47-year-old woman who had suffered a severe stroke in January.

Roy Gandy, left, and volunteers stand by a ramp they built for a 47-year-old woman who suffered a severe stroke in January.

By Antoinette Tuscano, Rotary International staff

As manager of Rotary International’s social media channels, I’ve heard from Rotary members who say they don’t have a good story to tell about their club. But everyone has a story to tell. And I’ve heard some good ones from Rotarians.

You might look at a ramp outside of a house, and just see a wooden ramp. I see a lot of heart – as well as a way to help attract members and donations to a Rotary club. Continue reading

How do you get End Polio Now ads in Brazilian media? Just ask!

140205_nettoBy Marcos Netto, a member of the Rotary Club of Canoas-Industrial, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

When I first saw the End Polio Now campaign, I fell for it right away. It was my chance to work for a great cause. But even with all my efforts in participating and spreading the word about the World´s Biggest Commercial, I knew I could do more. Continue reading

Partner with others to tell Rotary’s story

Richmond residents read about a service project during the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunset's Winter Wonderland.

Richmond residents read about a service project during the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunset’s Winter Wonderland.

By Penny Offer, Rotary Public Image Coordinator and member of the Rotary Club of Ladner (Delta), British Columbia

Every year in Richmond, British Columbia, thousands of people stream through the atrium of City Hall to mingle among beautifully decorated Christmas trees, enjoy some holiday cheer, and learn how local Rotary members are making a difference in the community and around the world.

The Winter Wonderland event, held for the past 13 years by the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunset, is a spectacular example of what you can accomplish when you partner with other businesses and Continue reading

Three reasons to strengthen Rotary’s image

131008_jonesBy Jennifer Jones, a member of the RI Communications Committee

Over the past two years, Rotary has undertaken an unprecedented amount of research to study the effectiveness of how we communicate with each other and also to look at perceptions about the organization from the community at large.

What’s likely not surprising is that we determined we have all of the strengths necessary for greatness in our second century of service. However, when we looked at awareness about our organization in the greater public arena, they quite simply don’t know about us. It is very easy to ask the question – how can this be true? Continue reading