Korean members assess earthquake damage in Turkey, pledge relief

Members of the assessment team from Korea listen to District 2430 Governor Emre Öztürk (white jacket) during a visit to a tent village in the earthquake-damaged area of Turkey.

By Duck-JU Lee, Rotary Club of Cheonan Dream, Korea

After the earthquake that devastated parts of Turkey, a team of Rotary members from District 3620 (Korea) traveled to the affected area to assess the damage and support our fellow Rotarians. The journey to the region where the earthquake caused the most damage was long and arduous. It took our team a solid two days to arrive at our destination.

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Korean Rotary club gives visually-impaired a chance to ride

A Rotary member in a blue vest adjusts the helmet for a visually-impaired rider.
Volunteer Shin Tae Byull adjusts the helmet of his riding partner at the start of the 24-kilometer ride.

By Seoha Lee
Photos by Seongjoon Cho

Early one morning in late October, members of the Rotary Club of Cheongju Dream, Korea, gathered with volunteers at Mushimcheon River Park, Cheongju, Korea. Excitement filled the air as visually-impaired individuals, young and old, arrived with social worker companions for a four-hour tandem bicycle ride.

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Unforgettable memories made in Atlanta

Hairyung Sung (front row, second from left) with alumni from the Rotary Peace Center at Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.

By Hairyung Sung, Rotary Peace Fellow 2013-15 at Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

This June, I attended the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, as a Peace Fellow alumnus, and was also able to take part in both the Peace Assembly and the Presidential Peace Conference. On 8 June, some 90 current and former Peace Fellows from around the world came together for an open discussion entitled “Stories Sustain Peace,” and reflected on the day’s experiences. All of us were in absolute agreement that resolving conflict and promoting peace were long-term endeavors, and we encouraged each other to take whatever action we could. Continue reading

Meet my vibrant club

Members of the Seoul Young Leaders Satellite Club in Seoul, Korea.

S. David Chang

Editor’s Note: If your membership is declining, it might be time to evaluate the health of your club. Find an evaluation exercise and helpful strategies in Is Your Club Healthy? in the Learning Center.

By S. David Chang, Rotary Club of Seoul, Korea

Our club, The Rotary Club of Seoul, was established in 1927 as the first club in Korea. We are unique in that our members are multinational and our official language is English. Like most other clubs, our challenges were: diminishing membership; inability to attract younger people; lack of community service; and uninteresting meetings sinking motivation and enthusiasm. Continue reading

Koreans take part in World’s Biggest Commercial

Oh-Sin Kwon, Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 9/10A Korea, makes the This Close gesture for the World's Biggest Commercial.

Oh-Sin Kwon, Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 9/10A Korea, makes the This Close gesture for the World’s Biggest Commercial.

By Oh-Sin Kwon, Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 9, 10A Korea

I was shocked, and a little ashamed, to learn in early December that only a handful of Korean Rotarians had taken part in the efforts to make The World’s Biggest Commercial. South Korea, home to more than 60,000 Rotarians, is a strong Rotary country and has contributed more than US$10 million annually to The Rotary Foundation in the last three years.

I knew I had to take steps immediately to reverse this situation. I share some of these here in the hope of inspiring other Rotarians to get involved, and get others involved, in this important campaign. Continue reading