Creating inclusive service projects for immune-compromised members

By Rotary staff

During the pandemic, your club service projects have been coordinated virtually partnering with local groups that provide community resources. Now your area is allowing in-person gatherings, but you have several members who are immune-compromised or cannot get vaccinated for health reasons. How can your club plan inclusive service activities that won’t exclude these members.

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3 thoughts on “Creating inclusive service projects for immune-compromised members

  1. There are many options that works for this including virtual volunteering options or even activities that members can do from home, for instance; we are aiming to complete a toy drive for December. There will be the option for individuals to purchase wrap their gifts at home. Then we will organize a pick up that is socially distanced and safe. This facilitates participation and also the opportunity for members to be pictured and clubs to showcase the inclusion.


  2. there are so many online activities club needs to do … such members can participate and help in such activities..


  3. The solution to providing inclusive service projects for those not able to take part in-person is simple-offer virtual and in-person projects. 1) Volunteers will sign up for virtual projects they can do from home when desirable, 2) In-person projects have planning, administrative, and follow-up components that volunteers can do from home.


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