New club makes disability advocacy a priority

By Ken Masson, President, The Rotary Club of World Disability Advocacy

Ken Masson
Ken Masson

The need for human rights for people with disabilities is worldwide. From the largest to the smallest countries, there are opportunities for Rotary to improve the dignity, respect, and quality of lives for people with disabilities. That is why we chartered the Rotary Club of World Disability Advocacy. We saw so many possibilities of what Rotary could do.

We reached out to disability advocates around the world, and many were willing to team up for the cause by agreeing to be charter members of this unique club  Disability advocates do not always get the recognition they deserve but they all are extremely passionate about human rights.

As a result, we formed a uniquely diverse club. Our 20 charter members represent eight countries – and 18 of our members are new to Rotary. We are also a comparably young club, with our average age being around 32.

We are a cause-related e-club and are affiliated with the district’s Rotary Disabilities Advisers Group. Since early this year, the group has been focusing on helping Rotary become more welcoming to people with disabilities.

There is no other club quite like this. Disability rights have always been lower in priority in many human rights endeavors. However, for us, it is our top priority – and we plan on having an impact in many counties and many people’s lives.

We are thankful for the support we are receiving from other Rotary members. If you have a passion for increasing human rights for those with disabilities, contact us at

Learn more about Rotary’s DEI statement, what DEI means, and how you can put it into practice to create positive experiences.

9 thoughts on “New club makes disability advocacy a priority

  1. Soy un emprendedor socio cultural que trabaja la inclusión de jóvenes y niños discapacitados en actividades culturales, les escribo para acceder y tener un intercambio.

    Soy de Guinea Ecuatorial



  2. Congratulations on this Club.We Rotary Club of Kikuyu in D9212 have a program for registration and mapping out PWDs, assist them with special Identify card by the Govt.
    We give them business training also and hope to give small grants for those doing business.
    We also give assistive devices.
    There are ways we can cooperate in our program.


  3. Dear President Ken Masson,
    Greetings and congratulations !
    This is exciting.You may not be aware that in the Rotary Year 2017-18,as President of Rotary Club of Bangalore, India, I had the privilege of chartering the first club in the Rotary World for people with disabilities. It is known as Rotary Bangalore Abilities, and is doing great service in several areas of health, education, environment, etc.It is a club that RI Dist 3190 is justifiably very proud of.
    Congratulations to you on forming this club. I am particularly happy that the number of such clubs is slowly increasing. I understand that 2 more clubs were being formed in India.
    Let our clubs connect with each other for the greater good of people with disabilities.Please do get in touch . The President of RBA is Rtn Aravind A. and his email is aravind.75@ My email is and mobile no :09243421409
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Kind regards,
    PP Rtn Zarir Batha,


  4. Dear President Ken Masson,
    My name is Jacqueline Wilson I am PP of RC Alexandria Pharos, Egypt District 2451.
    It is a pleasure to know about your new international club for disabled members. It is a very good idea directed to do good in the world.

    I am so proud of you.

    I will be pleased if you consider me as a club friend to get benefit from your great experience in chartering a new club. I am preparing to form a new International club in my district for Egyptian people who are immigrated or lived outside their country aiming at connecting them with their mother country. I focused on the countries without Rotary at all.

    I am very excited to know your experience about the way you attract new member and your current activities.



  5. Congratulations Ken! As a life long advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities I applaud the formation of this club and will be sharing this great information with others.


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