What would you do? Partnership dilemma

By Rotary magazine staff

Your club president is on the board of a local organization. The organization wants to partner with your club, but it doesn’t have many resources that would enhance your club. In fact, you believe your club would end up providing resources and network connections without getting anything in return. Your club president is insistent on creating the partnership, and wants you as service chair to find a way to make it work. What would you do?

Every month, Rotary magazine showcases answers to an ethical question that members might face in their Rotary clubs. Above is the ethical challenge we will tackle in the October issue of the magazine. Share your suggestions below and send them to magazine@rotary.org

4 thoughts on “What would you do? Partnership dilemma

  1. Make the partnership contingent on membership of a certain number of members from the other organization joining your Rotary Club by a set date.


  2. I would tell the club president his job is to serve the club and the club member’s interests. The president is expecting the club to support the president’s interest and this is wrong. I would tell the president to get with the club or resign as president.


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