Consistency is the key to successful communication

By Liz Courtney, assistant public image coordinator for Zone 8 (Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands)

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working in a virtual world and it has created a huge upsurge in using technology to communicate. We know that using social media and online marketing tools can reach a huge audience in a cost-effective way and it gives Rotary clubs an opportunity to be seen by many. As a training leader, I often teach clubs how to make sure their club logo is used correctly and consistently in their communications, especially online and on social media, because consistency builds trust and recognition. Here’s what I share during my trainings.

Take the course

We know from research that people learn differently and relate better to a visual learning experience. So I recommend you start by taking the Learning Center course “Our Logo: Representing Rotary,” which takes you through the process of using the Rotary logo in your club’s communications. Easy? Yes, and the course has the advantage that you can go back and revisit it whenever you want.

Create your logo

Next, go into the Brand Center to create your club logo. Then, download your logo in all the file formats you need: a PDF for print materials, and a JPEG or PNG for presentations, Word documents, and web use. Save them to your computer to create your own logo library for the future. I also recommend you share the updated club logo with other members so you are all using the correct club logo. Share it with your partners in your community so that they’re not relying on Google to find the correct Rotary logo.

Apply your new logo to everything

Every club should have a public image chair who is up-to-date with the latest knowledge about marketing and communications and can lead a club through this process. But it’s also important for all of us to know how to use our club’s logo.

  • Check your club website and social media pages. Are you using the logo you just created in the Brand Center? If not, remove what you have and replace it with the logo you just created.
  •  Ask your club public image chair and other committee chairs to go through all your club’s materials to make sure the proper club logo is being used. This could include email signatures and PowerPoint presentations. (As a club member, you should add your club’s logo to your email signature for Rotary-related communications.)
  • Look at your club’s event posters and advertising materials. Before printing any new materials check that the correct club logo is being used and update as needed.
    If the material has already been printed, assess the cost of reprinting it. Prioritize reprinting materials that are public-facing, like a banner you use at a club event or brochures you hand out to potential members. (And while you’re at it, add a QR code that can direct the public directly to your club. We have now become more familiar with this over the last year and it’s a great way to easily direct traffic to your website or social media account.)
  • Use People of Action assets to build a folder of club photos to use while promoting your club activities. You can take your own photos or find images in the Brand Center. Add them to your website, social media, pull-up banners and project signage, along with your club logo.

We can attract many people to Rotary by being smart about how we market ourselves. Taking these steps will give your club a consistent look that will build trust and awareness of your club in your community.  

Liz Courtney is a member of the Rotary Club of Papanui, New Zealand and currently serves as the assistant public image coordinator for Zone 8 (Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands). She has also served as the 2017-2020 Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 7b (New Zealand & Pacific Islands).

11 thoughts on “Consistency is the key to successful communication

  1. Hi Liz love the article. I do have a question. I understand that if you can’t create a club logo in the Brand Centre it does not comply. The Brand Centre only offers Full colour, Azure, Black and White options. As our club shirts are navy we opted for an all white logo for our new shirts. However, some members are not happy and rightfully point out that RDU supplies sell a navy shirt with Rotary in white and the wheel in gold. We would certainly have preferred the wheel in gold. How does the RDU shirt comply? If it is OK for RDU can we also use the wheel in gold with white writing?


  2. Liz, I believe that what you have to say makes perfect sense. However, what is your view on RI’s use of an annual logo and theme, as it appears to be the exact reverse of your comments. The annual theme runs the risk of confusing RI’s corporate message both in the public eye and that of individual Rotarians. If the Annual Theme had a date attached or the RIP name attached it would perhaps go a little way to solving this dilemma. I remain astonished about this obvious confusion in our marketing. I would be pleased of your comments.


  3. Liz what a brilliant article and it hits the mark on some many occasions; so relevant with a lot of District & Club Assemblies underway. Share the updated club logos; so many take them off Google as you say or just use what they used last year! , and the previous year! Also the QR codes are seeing a revival and definitely something to consider especially for fund raising. What I love about this is the simplicity to create “consistency” through some small & key steps. A must for all Club public image & communication Chairs but also so relevant for every Rotarian. Thank you Liz.


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