What would you do? Serve now or later

By Rotary magazine staff

Every month in Rotary magazine, we showcase answers to ethical questions that members might face in their Rotary clubs, to help members share best practices with each other as they make their clubs stronger. Below is the ethical challenge we will tackle in the August issue of the magazine.

Your club has been flexible in finding ways to meet and participate in service virtually. Your club president wishes to continue to innovate and has tasked a committee that you chair with creating a new service opportunity each month for club members to take part in, either virtually or in person if it is safe. However, there is reluctance among your fellow committee members, who wish to wait until after the pandemic has ended to work on creating new opportunities for engagement and volunteering. What would you do?

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5 thoughts on “What would you do? Serve now or later

  1. I will organise virtual meeting to discuss projects we intend to undertake and timeline.
    Currently the younger members can participate in club project involving setting up a Safe home for Covid patients in our RCC. We provided them with Covid material to safeguard doctors & HCW and were handed over by our new doctor member in hospital . He also felt good to be paticipating hands on in his first project as Rotarian.

    Our young members are also ready to volunteer for Covid vaccination programme . So we assigned 4 captains to collect names of non vaccinated people and get them vaccinated . Our team’s effort paid off and we have collected 150 names from neighbouring community and now ensuring they recieve their vaccination.
    Our target will be to get maximum vaccinated. We have tied up with a hospital & Fliers are being sent to community for enrolment for vaccine.

    Another team headed by our club secretary was assigned to spread a word about free food for isolated people . He managed to reach out to many isolated people through flier in social media. Rotary’s effort was recognised.

    Throughout pandemic we had been helping people to get a bed in hospital when they are sick due to Covid.
    So virtual or in person we need to stay motivated . Aim to win over Covid .


  2. We are Rotarians. We serve. It is the most meaningful engagement we have. There may be a pause button for Rotarians while we figure out how to get around an obstacle, like a pandemic, but there is no stop button. When we are not actively doing something that matters, we lose interest, find other things to do with our time, and membership engagement and attraction suffers. It is very important to continue to serve, although the community needs may be different. Find out what those needs are and figure out a way to meet them safely.


  3. Our club is strictly focused on ending human trafficking. The traffickers are taking advantage of the pandemic. We cannot afford to wait. Although there will be challenges, what we do is important to those we potentially serve. I would move forward. Hopefully all the membership would agree.


  4. It is an easy answer. All club members have freedom of choice. Let those who wish to work on new opportunities for engagement and volunteering., do it and those who do not want too , they do not need to. No one should be forced to do something they do not want to do in a Rotary club. It is a club, it is not the military.


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