Celebrate Rotaract by giving

By Clement Chinaza Owuamalam, Rotaract Club of Apo, Nigeria

World Rotaract Week is an annual celebration of the success and significance of Rotaract in communities around the world. This year, from 8-14 March, Rotaractors, worldwide are celebrating the wonderful experiences that inspire them to put service above self.

Members of the 2018-19 Rotary International Rotaract Committee at the One Rotary Center, USA.

I vividly remember that sunny Saturday afternoon in 2014 when our president at the Rotaract Club of Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria, led us to a Rotary Foundation seminar organized by leaders in our zone. I was overwhelmed to discover how donations to The Rotary Foundation, no matter how small, are transformed into life-changing projects in areas where they are greatly needed.

Giving Certificate

During the 2018-19 year, I served on the Rotary International Rotaract Committee. I took part in brainstorming an annual Rotaract recognition opportunity that would match the enthusiasm of Rotaractors to support The Foundation. In April 2019, The Rotary International Board of Directors and Foundation Trustees approved the Rotaract Giving Certificate which recognizes Rotaract clubs that have five or more members who make a combined donation of at least $50 during the Rotary year. In the first year, 146 clubs earned a certificate, and together, they contributed $42,400 to the Annual Fund supporting the work of Rotary members around the world.

Bringing it home.

Africa earned 69 of the certificates. Together with district Rotaract representatives across Africa, we developed fundraising tutorials in English and French and assisted 10 districts in implementing strategies for achieving their giving goals. Here are some campaigns from our region that may help you obtain your giving goals:

  • Encourage members to take part in a Monthly Giving Plan.
  • Encourage your club to seek to be a 100% Donor Club, which recognizes clubs where all members contribute to the Foundation. Create a banner to celebrate their achievement.
  • Take part in a larger fundraising effort. Our region supports the World Greatest Meal (WGMeal), which raises money for polio through meals.
  • Organize a fundraising activity. District 9212 created the Rotaract Mt. Kenya Hike.
  • Encourage members to donate on the Friday of World Rotaract Week and Giving Tuesday the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving.
  • Motivate members to give by explaining the Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) recognition

100 Years of Rotary in Africa.

The centennial of Rotary in Africa in 2021 falls a year after the World Health Organization certified the Africa region free of the wild polio-virus. What better way to celebrate than by earning a Rotaract Giving Certificate, which also counts toward your club earning a Rotary Citation for Rotaract clubs. With the increased cooperation between Rotary and Rotaract clubs comes a responsibility to support the Foundation.

Your gifts will truly touch lives around the world!

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