Italian Rotarians screen homeless for COVID-19

Healthcare workers apply rapid serology tests to consenting homeless individuals on the streets of Palermo, Italy, to help stop the spread of COVID-19 among the homeless and those who help them.

Italian Rotary members through a partnership between the Rotary Club of Palermo, the Associazione Francesca Morvillo, and Karol Strutture Sanitarie, launched a screening campaign to help stop the spread of COVID-19 among the homeless population of the City of Palermo. It is part of the ongoing efforts of Italian Rotarians to use their skills and connections to counter this pandemic.

Volunteers of the Morvillo Association who usually take turns in the distribution of meals and care packages to the homeless, went to the locations where those packages are typically passed out. Serology rapid tests were conducted on samples of capillary blood (a drop obtained by pricking the fingertip) collected from homeless individuals. The samples, taken on a voluntary basis by a health worker operating out of a camper provided by the Morvillo Association, helped identify individuals infected with the virus.

Rotary Club of Palermo president Vincenzo Autolitano explained the purpose of the project is to identify COVID positive individuals for the protection of the homeless and volunteers who serve them. He also thanked Karol Strutture Sanitarie for embracing the project and providing the health workers and tests needed for the screening.

The President of the Morvillo Association, Giancarlo Grassi, also expressed his appreciation for the attention shown in this time of health emergency to volunteers and the marginalized. (See this post in Italian on Voci del Rotary).

Let the Rotary world know what your club or district is doing to support COVID-19 vaccine introduction efforts. Share your efforts and projects on Rotary Showcase.

6 thoughts on “Italian Rotarians screen homeless for COVID-19

  1. Este extraordinara aceasta idee a rotarieni lor din Palermo, ar putea fi un exemplu pt toate cluburile rotary de pe tot mapamondul. Cu siguranță s ar diminua nr de infectari. Felicitări pt Idee.

    Trimis din Yahoo Mail România Club Rotari Buzias.


  2. Fellow rotarians in Italy, i really embrace your Very Strong Courage and Dedication to the “SERVICE EXTENDED ABOVE SELF”. Be always ON-GUARD with your reliable PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT. We will always pray your health and safety.

    From the Rotary Club of San Jose Del Monte Central, District 3770 Philippines.


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