Top 10 ways to be a peacebuilder in the new year

A peace mural in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. The mural is part of a project initiated in 2017 by Yesenia Uribe Rochel, of the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Juarez Emprende, which she helped to found in 2019. The project is designed to promote leadership, open minds, and develop resiliency in the community.

By Fergal McCarthy, Peace Programs Manager

Many people use the end of one year to reflect on things they would like to accomplish in the coming year. What better resolution than to sow the seeds of peace in 2021?

Peace underscores much of the work that Rotary members do in improving their communities around the world. Rotary’s peacebuilding initiatives seek to create environments where lasting peace is possible. We do this by continually investing in sustainable and measurable peace programs throughout our communities and across the globe; by creating an extensive network of peacebuilders and community leaders dedicated to peace and conflict prevention; and by providing Rotarians with several avenues in which they can actively participate in peacebuilding processes within their communities.

We believe that if Rotarians and concerned citizens mobilize locally to create peace, change can happen globally. Here are 10 ways you can be an everyday peacebuilder. (Check out an expanded list here).

  1. Enroll in the Rotary Positive Peace Academy.
  2. Read the Positive Peace club presentation and facilitator’s guide and share the presentation with your club
  3. Help recruit and endorse worthy candidates for the Rotary Peace Fellowship
  4. Seek out any Rotary Peace Fellows who live or work in your district and invite them to collaborate on your club’s next peacebuilding project – they can offer invaluable help on the planning and implementation of the peacebuilding project.
  5. Check out the Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association website, where you can access the Online Speaker Database to find peace fellows globally who can give a virtual presentation to your club.
  6. Encourage your district to become a Global Peacebuilder District.
  7. Start an Inter-Country committee (ICC) or a Rotary Friendship Exchange between your district and a district in another country, or create a Rotary Fellowship.
  8. Work with young leaders to promote global understanding and peace.
  9. Engage with a local Rotaract club and implement a service project that fosters understanding within and across cultures.
  10. Work with one of our peacebuilding partner organizations: Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI)ShelterBox, the Peace Corps, and Ashoka.

7 thoughts on “Top 10 ways to be a peacebuilder in the new year

  1. @Dennis Wong Positive Peace is a world free of nuclear weapons, a world free of fear of war, accident or miscalculation that would eliminate everything that Rotary has ever done or could do. Let’s grab our positive peace and hang on tight…educate, eliminate!


  2. Dear Fergal McCarthy… Rotry was clearly indicating peace from rotary prayer.. I hope peace only can create safety and security to us and peace only can give us happiness, this 2020 make us to think about peace let’s make 2021 to think more people about peace…and more happiness in their life


  3. Question for Rotary, Rotarians and Peace Fellows
    What comes first, Negative Peace or Positive Peace?

    Negative Peace — the absence of violence or FEAR of violence (that will exist as long as there are armed conflicts and weapons of mass destructions)
    Positive Peace — the attitudes, institutions and structures to create and sustain peaceful societies.
    Will having Negative Peace lead to Positive Peace?
    Will having Positive Peace result in having Negative Peace?

    Perhaps we need to pursue both paths at the same time.
    Here’s to building peace and preventing violent conflicts in 2021.
    Go Rotary


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