Birthplace of samba and beautiful songs

By Genaro da Silva Ribeiro, International Affairs Director, MDIO Rotaract Brazil

Rhythm is sound and movement; it is dance, joy, and creativity. Brazilian rhythms are the expression of a plurality of cultures and pride of being one big country, one great people.

From the Samba to Carimbó, Veneira to Forró we are united in our diversity, dancing, and singing while we make the world a better place. We couldn’t think of a better theme as a group of people from different regions and backgrounds to organize this event.

We were excited when asked to host the Presidential Conference, and proud to showcase what Rotaract clubs have been doing in our country. In a way, mixing the conference with our national event – the Conarc (our annual multi-district conference) – brought new ideas to the table as well as some challenges. The organizing committee began to work immediately. We are looking forward proud to offering a fun and diversified program.

Conarc has a long history in bringing people together. Many Rotaractors, including myself, say their lives have changed after their first Conarc. Many friendships are forged, knowledge is acquired and shared, and sometimes, people, like me, get the courage to assume new responsibilities. It’s an event that demonstrates the full potential of Rotaract. And now we’ll feel the dimension of the whole Rotary Family.

During the last event the city of Ouro Preto received more than one thousand Rotaractors from our 31 districts. It took me almost one day of travel including cars, buses, and planes to get there. There is no doubt; we are proud and passionate Rotaractors.

Sadly, because of COVID-19, we will not be able to hug our friends , sing, dance, or learn with them in person. Instead, we were given the opportunity virtually to learn, sing, and dance with the Rotary family hosting the Conarc and the presidential conference.

Although we feel the pressure of organizing a bigger, international event; our team is working from every corner of Brazil to put together an unforgettable experience.

We invite you to join us on 15-16 January to share ideas, learn, teach, and of course, have fun. Our program will be conducted in Portuguese and  translated into English and Spanish. The doors of Brazil are open for the Rotary family and we invite you to join us for an event full of passion, happiness, and creativity.

Register at:  (Simultaneous Interpretation will be offered in Spanish and English) Hope to see you in January. 

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