Let e-clubs help you get online

Members of the the E-Club of the Caribbean explain how to get online with Zoom during a video presentation.

By Diana White, club treasurer and past governor of Rotary District 7020

During the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, club president Brent Leerdam and members of the E-Club of the Caribbean, provided immediate support to the family of Rotary clubs across our district. The club offered to setup meeting times for other clubs using the club’s Zoom account until these clubs could make online arrangements for themselves. The goal was to make sure clubs lost no time maintaining their routine of weekly fellowship meeting. A second goal was to empower clubs to immediately create action plans to support their community, all within a safe online environment.

Encouraged by District 7020’s Governor, Delma Maduro, the e-club produced a short video explaining the advantages of meeting online during the Coronavirus outbreak. The video was followed up by an invitation to all clubs in the district to attend a virtual meeting that explained the key components of holding interesting and successful meetings online. The e-club continues to offer support, advice, and guidance, and has extended a district-wide invitation to online guest speaker events.

The E-Club of the Caribbean has been using Zoom for the past 7 years and has considerable experience with the platform. With the generous 20 percent discount offered to Rotary by Zoom, this online meeting platform is proving to be a lifeline for many.

Many districts around the world have an e-club. Reach out to these clubs for help getting online quickly. They already have practice and experience mastering these tools. Groups of clubs can share an online account, and assistant governors can help connect clubs to each other and get them online fast.

People of Action take the lead during times of change. We are leading the way by being leaders in our communities. Let your e-club show you the way as we find new and innovative ways to connect the world and open opportunities.

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