What Fairwold is saying about Interact

Fairwold Interact members and advisors.

By Steve Bass, Fairwold Interact Club advisor

Fairwold Academy serves children that need emotional support from throughout the area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The opportunities we are able to provide these students are amazing. Our members have designed and sold tree certificates to raise money to purchase and plant thousands of trees in our local nature preserves. Our original recycling project, Plastic Planet Savers, won a sustainability award at Temple University’s EarthFest celebration a few years ago. And  the club has earned the Presidential Citation from Rotary International each of the past three years. 

But better than all of that is what they say about how Interact is shaping their lives. Here is just a sampling:

“I was an angry, hyperactive teen with low reading comprehension. They turned my anger into passion, harnessed my hyperactivity into creativity. They put me on a podium to hone my skills of reading and public speaking. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the knowledge I learned from the people of Rotary, and the mentors from my time in Wordsworth Interact Club.”

Chris Perkins, Interact President 2007-2011


“Interact Club is well needed! It helps bring smiles, and makes the world brighter, one project at a time.”

Destine R, Interactor since 2015

“The Interact Club makes me happy to help other people, be responsible, and it makes me feel part of a team.”

 William B, Interactor since 2018

“It means a lot to me because I get to help the community and the homeless. This includes planting trees, and helping older people at Genesis Healthcare.”

 Josh H, Interactor 2012-2015, 2018 to present

“Rotary Club makes a world of difference. I like to help people. I like Rotary Club because it helps people out!”

Johnathan B, Interactor since 2016

“I like Interact because I get to help plant trees and support the environment. I like Interact because we get to help people that need support, and I like Interact because I get to bond and work with my fellow Interactors!”

                       Sean H, Interactor since 2018

“Being a member of Interact has been a wonderful experience, in which I have been able to give back to the community through numerous service projects. These included preparing and planting trees in preserved areas; spreading warmth at homeless shelters in downtown Philadelphia, educating people regarding recycling and the environment at EarthFest, and countless other projects!  Because of Interact, every year I give back to numerous charities.”

Samuel Steiner, Interactor 2011-2014

“I planted two trees today, one in honor of my father, who passed away last July, and one in honor of my aunt, who passed away the day before yesterday. It brought a lot of warmth, and joy to my heart!”|

Leigh DeTato, Ambler Rotarian

“Over the last several years it has been my pleasure watching and being a part of the development of our students who are active members of the Fairwold Interact Club. Our Interactors have certainly lived and demonstrated their ability to live the motto of Rotary International ‘Service Above Self. I am just so PROUD.”

Dick Target, Ambler Rotarian, Interact club mentor since 2013

Interact, thank you for providing us a platform to serve!

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