3 ways to celebrate World Interact Week

How will you celebrate World Interact Week?

By Erika Emerick, RI Programs for Young Leaders promotions specialist

Interact clubs empower young people ages 12 to 18 to take action in their community, develop leadership skills, and gain a global perspective. Every year we celebrate the accomplishments of an estimated half a million Interact club members during World Interact Week. Connect with Interactors 5-11 November and share the power of Interact!

Interactors around the world will be taking action and sharing how their Interact clubs are making a difference in their communities. How will you celebrate? Here are three ways you can join the party:

  1. Record a video: It’s the 10th annual Interact Video Awards! Create a short video to show your club is having fun while making a difference in your school and community. The “Best Video” will receive $1,000 toward the club’s next service project. Submit your video by 1 December.
  2. Earn recognition: Celebrate your hard work — you’ve earned it. Ask your sponsor Rotary club to complete a certificate of recognition to highlight the positive impact you’ve made. Plus, you’ll be well on your way to earning this year’s Presidential Citation for Interact Clubs.
  3. Share your celebrations: No matter how you’re celebrating, be sure to share on social media with #WorldInteractWeek

Looking for something to share on social media? Try one of these fun facts:

  • The first Interact club was chartered on 5 November 1962.
  • There are over 20,370 Interact clubs in 159 countries.
  • There are an estimated 468,556 Interactors around the world.
  • 80% of the world’s countries have Interact clubs.

Most importantly, World Interact Week celebrates Rotary’s youngest leaders making a difference in their schools and communities. We asked Interactors to share what makes their club great. And here are a few of the responses:

“The Interact Club of Doctors Charter School is great in our ability to be a small group of young, diverse individuals that all still have the same passion in interacting and helping others, whether in our community or further. We pride ourselves in service, hoping for change.”

“We are a group of very close friends that put their effort in helping the ones that surround us. We have done several projects to improve people’s lives, and above all, we love what Rotary really means: Service Above Self.”

“In our club, we love to make a difference in people’s lives, such as improving the living areas of seniors and toddlers in Ecuador, and then learn to grow positively from that experience and change the lives of even more people.”

Share what makes your Interact club great below, or on social media using #WorldInteractWeek

4 thoughts on “3 ways to celebrate World Interact Week

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  2. Good idea to have a World Interact Day but the timing is not good for NZ in November; it’s every colleges exams month. Students are focused on preparing for exams and jambing every spare minute for researching & studying. No time to put into Interact or anything else…


  3. Happy World Interact Week 2018.
    Interact Club Sidhpur celebrate Interact Week with 12 projects & 7 Social Media Public awareness Campaign in 7 days.
    All together we Connect, Exchange Ideas,Serving Community,Learn Leadsership with lots of Fun,Friendship & Fellowship.
    We also participate in Interact Video Award 2018.
    #WorldInteractWeek #Interact #Rotary #PeopleofAction #BeTheInspiration #InteractSidhpur


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