Growing Rotary knows no borders

Inauguration evening in Pentyrch, Wales, 6 February 2018.

By Tony Quinn, Rotary Coordinator 

Recently, I attended a memorable event, the inauguration of a 15-member satellite club, Garth, in South Wales District 1150. What is unique about this satellite is that it is being hosted by my own club of Chelwood Bridge, which is in District 1200. How is that so?

Last summer, one of our members invited three of his friends from Wales to our charity golf day. They were so taken with the fun and fellowship that day that they made inquiries about our club and Rotary and subsequently attended one of our meetings.

As a result, they were keen to establish a new club in their home location just north of Cardiff. Although Cardiff is some 50 miles from Chelwood Bridge, it is in fact two districts apart in Rotary terms. Nevertheless, we encouraged and facilitated the establishment of the satellite club through a number of visits as well as guidance by phone and email.

District governors from both districts attended the inauguration. Already the club has projects under way. We are talking with them to help them with a district grant.

We are confident that the satellite club will become a fully chartered Rotary club before very long at which point it will of course become a club in District 1150.

It just goes to show that there are opportunities to find new members virtually anywhere.

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