In Rotaract, we see, feel, and act

Members of the Rotaract club perform community service.

By Fatima Khurram, Rotaract Club of Faisalabad Janubi, Pakistan

Not long ago, a mother of one of our members saw on the news a documentary about a widow struggling to provide for herself and her three adult children living with disabilities. Her house was broken and she had no income to support them.

When word reached us, we called the news channel to ask for contact information so we could visit her. The very next day, a group from my club visited.

Rotaractors in Faisalabad were moved to help a widow they saw on a news report.

We found the mud house with no proper roof and water flowing across the floor everywhere. We promised to bring them groceries every month and help renovate their house. We felt moved by what we saw, and knew we had to act!

So you ask how a group of young adults like us could manage such an expense? We spread the word and found monthly donors who agreed to contribute groceries. One donor contributed greatly to the renovation of the house, up to 400,000 rupees!

Finally, after three months, the house was renovated and we had given almost seven months of groceries. Following that, the widow found permanent income support.

The best part of the experience was seeing our members come together as Rotaractors to See, Feel, and Act. Our duty ends in action. Without it, our efforts are incomplete. Action doesn’t always mean helping directly. But it does mean offering any aid we can to help. This is our belief of what it means to be in Rotaract.

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