5 reasons to use Rotary Global Rewards in 2018

By Rotary staff

Who doesn’t enjoy saving money, especially when you can give back to a great cause? As many of you know, Rotary Global Rewards is our member benefits program that helps Rotarians spend less while giving back to Rotary. It’s a great perk many Rotarians use on a daily basis for both personal and professional purchases.

Check out these reasons why you should take advantage of Rotary Global Rewards in the new year:

  1. Save money. Discover discounts on the products and services you value most. Looking to book your next flight or longing for a new dining experience? Global Rewards offers a surplus of deals for all types of products and services, such as discounts on travel, hotels, and vehicle rentals, as well as shopping, gifts, movie and entertainment tickets — and more!
  2. Effortlessly give back to Rotary. It doesn’t take much to give back to Rotary; literally. By using Rotary Global Rewards, you’re constantly saving money or giving back to Rotary. Already planning on making a purchase for something? Check for offers that give a percentage of your purchase to Rotary.
  3. Support fellow Rotarian businesses. Support the success of fellow Rotarians and their businesses by using the offers they post. You can also post your own offers for those in the Rotary network. This is a unique way to help other Rotarians looking to make a purchase in your line of work. Create an offer for your own business to enhance our growing portfolio of Rotary Global Rewards.
  4. Help your club save money. Planning a training event, club meeting, or social event? Bring a special treat to your next meeting. Rotary Global Rewards has offers for discounts on office supplies, shipping, printing, flowers and gifts.
  5. Enjoy easy access. Rotary Global Rewards can now be accessed on any mobile device so it’s always right at your fingertips! Download the Rotary Global Rewards app at Apple App Store® or Google Play™.

Start the New Year off right by downloading the Rotary Global Rewards app and save money getting more good work done.

Questions related to a specific offer should be directed to the company making the offer using the contact information in the offer listed. If you’re unable to resolve an issue with the company, let us know so we can troubleshoot the problem by selecting the flagged link under Claim Offer.

For the best experience, use a current browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 10 to redeem rewards.

5 thoughts on “5 reasons to use Rotary Global Rewards in 2018

  1. What does this global rewards for Rotary mean?

    It is not clear to me what the program constitutes, how and what vehicle is used.

    This is the first message I receive. I have a Rotarian since 1987 and I have no idea what this message and encouragement means to achieve or how.

    An explanation would be useful to me.

    Thank you


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