What makes your Interact club great?

This week, World Interact Week, we honor the accomplishments of an estimated half a million Interact club members. And we are recognizing the positive impact young people have made through Interact for more than 55 years.

To celebrate Interact we asked clubs around the world, “What makes your Interact club great?” Here are some of the responses:

Interact Club of Carson Graham, Canada

“We are inclusive, motivated, and collaborative. We set goals and work together to fundraise for local and global organizations and charities, such as the Harvest project and World Wildlife Fund. The best part of being an Interactor is giving back to the community, and having fun with friends and like-minded peers.”

Interact Club of Edgemead High School, South Africa

“We’re always passionate about making people happy and helping as much as possible. We meet new people and help others who cannot help themselves. We get to work with likeminded people and we never look for recognition because their smiles are beyond priceless. We fill others with love and hope and get our whole school involved. We do it to build our future, one kind act at a time.”

Interact Club of Smarties Academy, Philippines

“Our voices may lack the respectability of age, but we have eyes that see, ears that hear, hearts that beat, and minds that think! Effecting change in our school and community, combined with our perseverance, integrity and teamwork, are what make our Interact club great!”

Interact Club of Beverly Hills High School, United States

“Our club members are always the first to jump at any chance to apply themselves. From district-wide events such as RYLA, to community-centered events such as our annual Candidates’ Forum (pictured above), our members find time to lend a helping hand in our city, while also making an impact in the world around us. We’re not just a club, or even just a group on campus. We’re a team!”

Interact Club of Narsingdi Midtown, Bangladesh

“Unity makes our Interact club great. In our club we all are like a family and we think of Rotary as a family. Rotarians are like our parents, Rotaractors are like our elder brothers and sisters, and Interactors are like the young members of this family. We believe that together we can make a change in ourselves, in our society, and all over the world.” 

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4 thoughts on “What makes your Interact club great?

  1. The Interact Club of Anthony Wayne High School strives to promote and take part in community service. Interact Club is one of the most diverse clubs in the Anthony Wayne school district because it encompasses students from all grade levels and all extracurricular activities. With its membership growing over 200 people, it gives back to local schools, food banks, and overseas with an annual Food Build. Interact’s members find importance in service to not only give back but also gain influential learning experiences.


  2. “We never ask for anything in return,” is what they have to say. Our students at WBHS just enjoy serving others and making someone feel special. We do a lot of activities for our school, teachers, and staff. It is important to build a community in our school as well as outside our school. We have an amazing group of kids that just enjoy working together. -School sponsor Tracy Wright
    WINDER-BARROW HIGH SCHOOL INTERACT CLUB sponsored by The Rotary Club of Winder


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