How simple schools are helping children in Ghana

Children in Abansere wanting a school to call their own.

By Walter Hughes, a member of the Rotary Club of Rocky Mount, Virginia, USA, and a 2013 Rotary Champion of Change

Have you ever wished as a Rotarian that you could do something to help educate a child? Have you ever dreamed that a child could start their education at a younger age? We see children in communities all over Ghana in West Africa and realize that they should be in school.  

The parents of Abansere are very poor and hard working. Abansere is a remote and rural community.  Children do not start school until the age of twelve. The children must be old enough to safely walk seven miles each way to the nearest elementary school. The parents asked for help to build a preschool that would include first to third grade classrooms.

Frank Kofi Owusu-Debrah, past president of the Rotary Club of Sunyani Central.

Frank Kofi Owusu-Debrah has a heart for education. He works for the Sunyani Technical University. He submitted the first Rotary global grant for the new pilot program called “Simple Schools” with my club in Virginia. The school teachers will be funded by and the school owned by the local education department. Rotarians in Districts 7570, 7040, 7550 and 7770 are funding the first two “simple schools.”

Past-President Owusu-Debrah and fellow Rotarians of the Sunyani Central Rotary Club believe that the children are the future of Ghana. The Sunyani Rotarians fell in love with the children in Abansere after drilling a well there in 2016. Now, it is possible that their dream of an education for the children of Abansere will come true.

Read more about using global grants for simple schools and download simple schools guidelines

8 thoughts on “How simple schools are helping children in Ghana

  1. This is arguably the most touching project I have ever been involved. It’s such refreshing to work all the people to bring it to light. Thank you Walter


  2. I will be attendng the W African project fair with the Rotary tour next week. Will look up Sunyani Central. Monroe County South Rotary District 7120, West Henrietta (Rochester),NY

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    • Wonderful Deborah. My club has actually registered to participate but I’m not sure if we can make it. We are working to attend though. Hopefully, we can make it and have the opportunity to meet you.


  3. Thank you Rtn.PP.OwusuDebrah for such an wonderful project through your club Sunyani Central Rotary club. I want to know about the global grant project for providing simple schools and whether construction of class rooms are permitted for the school under global grants. I am Rtn.K.S.Srinivasan, Chairman, TRF admin,RID3232 and PP Of R.C.Nanganallur. my mail id


    • Rtn. K. S. Srinivasan, yes, simple schools qualify for global grant. Ours is being funded through global grant. It’s the new opportunity under education and literacy. It call simple school but the requirements are not so simple. The guidelines as given by Rotary is quite demanding but you can work to achieve it. I have sent to you the guidelines. Thank you.

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