Why you should enter the 2017 Interact Video Awards

By Andrei Precup, president of the Interact Club of Constanta, Romania

We were honored to be selected as best video in last year’s Interact Video Awards. Our goal was to open people’s eyes to the need to take care of our planet and ourselves.

We were driven to take part both because it was something different from our usual activities and because the theme was so interesting (If Interactors ruled the world). I remember being at our club’s meeting when our president announced the idea of making a video. Many people were very excited. Our club likes taking on new challenges and trying things for the first time.

It only took us a very short time to decide to participate, but it took longer for our video to come together. We all had different views on how we wanted to rule the world and what our message would be. So we put them all on paper and assembled them as one. We wanted it to be about a little more than just winning. We wanted our video to represent all that we believe in.

It was not always easy to do, but all the hard work and hours we spent were definitely worth it. We met a couple of times just to talk about the idea. Then we sketched the idea, made up a script, and filmed several times before it came out how we wanted. Coloring all the drawings was a fun part and made our video so much better. We couldn’t have done it without Alin, a friend of ours who enjoys making movies and videos.

Making a video isn’t something we do every day, and it opened up new opportunities. Through the process, we formed stronger friendships and got to know each other better. We also enjoyed watching all the other entries. The whole experience grew us closer as a club. We encourage you to consider making your own video and entering it in this year’s Interact Video Awards – People of Action.

3 thoughts on “Why you should enter the 2017 Interact Video Awards

  1. As the name implies interaction is the panacea to arrive at solutions to problems confronting the peoples aroud the World. Get to see multiplicity of views brought out by different groups to arrive at remedies for ailments aflicting peoples and help serve them.
    R Ramachandran


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