How flexibility has benefited our club

The club held a medical camp 16 July, conducting a variety of tests.

By Suman Satish Sharma, immediate past president of the Rotary Club of Mumbai Dahisar, India

Since our club decided to pursue changes in our meeting frequency and format, we have had many good results. Previously, we had taken a very conservative approach to the number of meetings, and our presidents found it difficult to find good speakers, leaving them little time to pursue meaningful projects. 

Following the 2016 Council on Legislation’s actions allowing greater flexibility, we decided to begin holding two regular meetings a month. It is very relaxing and gives us time to plan projects. Board members are even finding it convenient to attend board meetings without feeling over-burdened. For our members who are doctors, advocates, or otherwise busy professionals, it has been a welcome relief and has made our club more attractive to future members. 

It has also reduced our budget. We do not have to bear the cost of meetings where few people were turning out anyway, and so we have been able to reduce our dues. This has made the club more attractive and we have added a few members as a result. 

If we have a larger project going on, we convert one of our regular meetings into a session to discuss the project. Our busy professionals can streamline their work and have a bigger impact on our club. This initiative was much needed and we appreciate it.

Learn more about the the club flexibility options

8 thoughts on “How flexibility has benefited our club

  1. Dear Rotarian friends,
    Flexibility in meetings benefited in our project deciding and focus to complete in better way.
    It is also a great idea that – ” guest should be the President of other clubs in town “.


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  3. We Rotary Club of Pondicherry Cosmos (RID 2981) also made a change. We do projects and the CHief Guest should be the President of other club in Town. It developes fellowship & understanding among our Town Clubs (14 Nos) and enables us to do mega projects to create Public image in our Town with the collective hands of our Town Clubs. – Rtn.K.N.RAJAN


    • Brilliant:
      What a simple and wonderful idea:
      “Guest should be the President of other club in Town.”
      I like it.
      George in Australia


  4. We are also getting benefits of flexibility by attending our service projects twice in a month (two meetings in our venue and two at our service projects in every month). Sk Abdul Hadi, RC Khulna North, RID-3281, Bangladesh

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  5. Suman
    Great work … As a previous medical specialist, those old conservative dreadful anachronistic rules prevented me from maintaining membership … after I was Australia’s second exchange student.
    Now, as president of a club I’ve found the magic middle ground:
    Vibrant colourful informal breakfast venue [members pay venue a la carte … no cashiers and no attendance records] {No regalia, no honour boards or flags or banners or “grace”] .. [Only 4 way test and a toast] … guest speakers every meeting … … except fifth Wednesday in a month, and when we’re off-site at vocational/industrial/social events and when we cancel meetings close to our major events dates. Our directors engage members in that fellowship time [06:30 – 07:30 AM] prior to the 07:30 – 08:30 meeting, or off-site. Our board members attend willingly for evening meal good fellowship and beer/wines at a pub belonging to one of our members, every fourth Monday.
    We’re a vibrant energetic switched-on no-nonsense club.
    … Dr G [Retired]


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