Unveiling People of Action

By Rotary staff

We are excited to reveal a new public image campaign, People of Action, at this year’s Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. As Rotarians from all over the world came to Atlanta, they are experiencing and learning about this global campaign for the first time at the convention, held at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, 10-14 June 2017.

Convention attendees are greeted by new People of Action advertisements on billboards at the airport and around the city of Atlanta. At the venue, the ads are prominently displayed in the convention halls—on the windows and banners throughout the conference center.

There’s also a full agenda to help introduce and inform Rotarians about the new campaign. During the plenary session this morning, John Smarge, Chair of the Communications Committee, showed the campaign video and talked about this campaign as an important next step in promoting awareness and understanding of Rotary, as well as the impact Rotarians make around the world.

  • Rotary’s social media team will publish the People of Action campaign on their Rotary channels in all Rotary languages.
  • There will also be two breakout sessions that will include information about the campaign. A session will run on Wednesday afternoon in Rooms B304-305: Becoming an Effective Rotary Communicator and Promoting Rotary in Your community

Whether you are attending this year’s convention or staying home, it’s a good time to start planning for how your club will use the People of Action campaign ad to promote Rotary in your community.

14 thoughts on “Unveiling People of Action

  1. Banners were everywhere in atlanta.. Why so long to get the stuff to the people at Club level??. New presidents are setting agendas and Budgets as of <July 1.. this needs to happen ASAP if its going to be included in this years Work product ….


    • People of Action campaign materials (print ads, social media graphics and videos) will be available for you to download from Brand Center by 4 August. Coming later in the month will be ad creator templates, additional social media graphics as well as campaign guidelines. At Rotary, when we launch new campaigns and programs – we translate and trans create materials in eight languages in addition to English. We appreciate your patience as we finalize the ad layouts and prepare the files for upload to Brand Center next week.


    • I was t the Atlanta convention too and bear out session. And too am trying to find out where the templates for #Peopleofaction are. Don’t see hem or any new,stock photos at myrotary.org


      • People of Action campaign materials will be available on the Rotary Brand Center, rotary.org/brandcenter beginning in early August. New material will be added throughout the Rotary year, which will include videos, print ads, social media graphics, campaign guidelines, and style guide for professional designers. Thanks so much for your interest, and check back soon!!


  2. We are eager to learn more about this campaign.The new ways to publicise the activities of our club to build the image of Rotary.We hope ” The People of Action ” Will be helpful for us to Make A Difference in

    Rtn.Jaleel Malik
    President 2017-18
    RC Faisalabad
    D 3372 Pakistan


  3. This is no doubt an incredible product of innovative creativity . It stands out as a veritable resource for our Rotary Image ‘Practitioners ‘
    Thanks to the geniuses at the One Rotary Centre .


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  5. We were at the session in Atlanta this afternoon. Great presentation and a good approach to building public awareness. Hope that all clubs take the effort to use these tools and promote the Rotary family with their customized photos and stories.


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