How to spend less time managing club data

By Chelsea Mertz, communications specialist, Rotary Service Connections

Does your club manage members and officer updates online? Did your district buy a club management system for the clubs in your district, such as DACdb, but your club uses a different vendor, like ClubRunner?

At Rotary International, we now provide clubs with the ability to use multiple vendors. What this means is that if your club is using a different system from your district leadership, you can select the district’s vendor as a secondary vendor. Your vendor would remain the preferred, primary vendor which would be able to view and update club data. The secondary and any additional vendors would have view-only access to club data.

As a club, you are the owner of your club membership data. But with the multi-vendor abilities you can determine who handles your data. Your district will still be able to “view” your club’s membership, but they will not be able to update your information.

So how do you get started? Choose a licensed vendor and establish an account through the vendor’s website. (Your club will be subject to the vendor’s terms and policies.) Once you have an account, you can have a club officer integrate it with Rotary’s database.

Over 14,000 clubs are already integrated directly with RI’s membership database using tools provided by our licensed vendors. These tools help you keep your membership and club officer information up to date, connecting it to RI in real time. To find out more, visit our Community Marketplace. You will find tools to help you manage your club so you can spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time developing and taking part in service projects.

5 thoughts on “How to spend less time managing club data

  1. We just converted from a legacy html-driven website with php pages to ClubRunner – so far, so good! And if you’re interested see a screencast walkthrough of how to use the CR Bulletin editor, here’s a video I recently produced:


    • Paying to manage a club is not within the conditions of an organisation run by volunteers. It also removes the aspects of development especially for younger members. Please remember we are a voluntary organisation not a business.


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