The future of women in Rotary

International Women’s Day, 8 March, celebrates women and their social, economic, political, and cultural achievements around the world. This year’s campaign asks individuals to #BeBoldForChange in working for a more gender inclusive world.

RI President-elect Ian H.S. Riseley has also called upon Rotary clubs to seek more diversity in their membership, including improving the gender balance. In his address to Rotary’s annual leadership training event in January, Riseley noted that 103 of the incoming 539 district governors are women. These are “leaders who will help Rotary connect with, and represent, and better service, all the members of all our communities,” says Riseley.

Governors-elect Sandy Sava of District 5180 (California, USA) (left) and Dawn deFuria of District 7450 (Pennsylvania, USA) sat down to talk about the current and future state of women in Rotary.

5 thoughts on “The future of women in Rotary

  1. Happy International Women’s Day!!!
    Indeed the world revolves around women..
    #SayNo!! to inequality of any gender…
    Let’s working for a more gender inclusive World!


  2. Any Great relationship is based on two important things. First is to find out the similarities, & second is to respect the differences. Women are great treasure from God, let’s continue to make our impact know positively


  3. Of course for we are entering the 2nd Axial age of the dynamic feminine, agape, out of the static dominating Masculine Eros. Humanity is moving from left brain dominance to right brain creativity and collaboration, from the caterpillar into the chrysalis soon to be able to soar in Color like the Monarch Butterfly Rotary has been in this age for the past 100 years because it has one Global History, is all about Service and win-win, nurturing all humanity as individuals as well as nurturing and sustaining the planet with little to no criticism, moving mankind toward Love, Peace and Joy and doing this in the spirit of fun. This sharing and caring is a horizontal movement away from the Love of Power toward the Power of Love, a vision of Oneness seen by the astronauts, from both the moon and space station. Let us encourage others to know that “Service is Joy”. Rabindranath Tagore


  4. Happy women’s day
    It’s more about recognizing that gender inequality exists in the world and it is an injustice that affects all of us, Male or Female


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