New Year’s resolution: Stand up and be an ambassador for Rotary

150209_burrellBy Evan Burrell, Rotary Club of Turramurra, New South Wales, Australia

It’s a new year, and here’s something you can resolve to do for your club and for Rotary in 2017.

Think about the last time someone gave you a “word-of-mouth referral” that influenced your decision to do something. Maybe a friend shared a new favorite restaurant over Facebook, or your neighbour recommended a plumber. Or maybe it was that friendly suggestion to come along to a Rotary club meeting that got you involved in Rotary in the first place. Regardless, you probably acted on the referral, in part, because it came from someone you trust!

If you’re passionate about Rotary like I am, I encourage you this year to become an ambassador for your own club — and more importantly for Rotary — by using your “word-of-mouth referral” power. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Be Active online and offline. Being active online means posting, commenting, and sharing positive Rotary stories via social media. It’s that simple. Being active offline means you’ll need to be able to have meaningful and interesting conversations about Rotary and who we are and what we do to anyone and everyone.
  2. Wear the Rotary Brand. Wear the Rotary logo on your hat, wear your club shirt or Rotary lapel pin out in public, or change your Facebook profile picture to the Rotary logo for a week. You never know who you will run into or who will see it and the conversations that may be sparked by seeing you wearing some great Rotary apparel.
  3. Tweet. Share with your Twitter followers information about your clubs upcoming events, retweet Rotary International, and tweet about your own personal involvement with Rotary.
  4. Invite a Friend. Next time you are planning to volunteer at one of your club service projects or attend your club meeting, invite a friend along and/or alternatively invite them to like your Rotary club Facebook page.
  5. Share on Facebook. Go beyond just liking your Rotary Club’s or the Rotary International Facebook page and share posts from these pages.  Sharing a Facebook post from your clubs or other Rotary page’s will enable your friends to learn about Rotary and what Rotary is doing in the community.
  6. Tell People. Tell your family, your work colleagues, your Facebook friends, or anyone you meet, about your involvement with Rotary. Talk about your recent involvement with a club service project. Perhaps they never knew of your involvement and were always interested in learning more about Rotary.
Evan Burrell, proud to be a Rotarian

Evan Burrell is proud to be a Rotarian and is resolving to spread the word in the new year.

Your support as a Rotary ambassador helps your club and the larger organization maximize their reach and increase awareness of the good we are doing in the world! By spreading the word, you may attract participants to things like Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) and Youth Exchange, raise funds for your projects, increase your online presence, and most importantly recruit members into your club.

So STAND UP in 2017 and make yourself an ambassador for Rotary.

11 thoughts on “New Year’s resolution: Stand up and be an ambassador for Rotary

  1. I stand up to be an ambassador for Rotary! Re wearing the Rotary logo I’ve found that just having the Rotary logo on my mobile phone is a conversation opener … such an easy way to promote conversations about Rotary .


  2. Welcome to our RC in Lviv, Ukraine: RC LVIV – RATUSHA.
    Please visit our site – or call or email us and we will help you to meet the group of Rotarians who develop projects and support programs in Ukraine and abroad.
    You may phone us +380 67 6711435 or send a letter through e-mail:
    Rotary Club of Lviv – Ratusha meets weekly, on Mondays at 19.00 at the Western Scientific Centre, address 4, Jan Matejka Street, Lviv. This building is alongside the Hotel Dnister, on the corner.
    All Rotarians wishing to attend our meeting are asked to contact our Board of Directors in advance. Often club meetings are held elsewhere. In this way you can ensure you appear at the correct location 😉 .


    • I would like to work with your scouts in ukrania. Here I met scouts from Ukrania….I love to work with sustainability development Goals (17 n) UN – for scouts (please google) I also teach English (free) 1 course every year. next one start the first friday of JUNE. I JUST CREATE MY PAGE FOR YOUR SCOUTS AND ROTARIANS . LETS NETWORKING… Be prepared!! as we say in scouting.
      UKRAINE -International Youth Ambassadois Program (page)


  3. I live in Brooklyn , Ny…I like to hear from any Rotarian close so I can join the club…I have been a volunteering in many organizations aboard and here . Please call me @718-664-0009 or inbox .


  4. Enjoy our RC in Naples, Italy: RC NAPOLI NORD
    Call or email me and I’ll introduce you to an exciting group of Rotarian fellows deeply involved in projects and support programs locally and abroad.
    It was a deep chenge for me and I hope it will be also for all the ones that will follow our activities and friendship.
    Please visit us if you are around our city….on mondays evening
    Vincenzo D Elia 0039 348 34009 24


  5. “Stand up and be an ambassador”. Rotary club of St George Next Gen is dedicated to sharing about Rotary to our community. Our club uses modern means of communication for meetings . This club will be 2 years old in August and we are already enjoying working as a team which feels like a family. If anyone would like to be part of a Rotary team which embraces you as a family please contact


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