A sneak peek at the Web refresh

A sneak peak at the new Our Causes page.

A sneak peak at the new Our Causes page.

By Rotary staff

In January, visitors to Rotary.org will discover a new, contemporary site that tells Rotary’s story in a fresh and exciting way. It’s the first step in a two-part process to refresh our entire website: first the public site, Rotary.org, and then My Rotary.

Some of the changes will be obvious: a modern design, increased use of imagery and graphics to tell our stories, and better organization of content to help readers find out who we are and what we’re doing. Others, like the improved speed of the site, will be a welcome surprise.

We believe these changes will more clearly show that Rotary is making the world a better place — and will persuade potential members and donors to support our work by joining a club, volunteering on a project, or donating to a cause. Visit Rotary.org in January to see all the improvements we’ve made.

11 thoughts on “A sneak peek at the Web refresh

  1. This looks like a wonderful set of changes. We live in difficult times that do not reflect the Four Way Test…growing hatreds in the US and Europe, closing borders and much worse in Syria, parts of Africa and other parts of the world. Rotary must be shown that it can do more than cure disease (note I say this as a polio victim) and foster relationships, but show how it can use its fantastic web and human resources to provide hope and inspiration though communication, relationships, exchanges, research and much more. .


  2. A fresh, less cluttered and more modern format will be lovely. I agree with Ken that the first impact should be to interest non-Rotarians. The deeply detailed and boring bits that are better suited to those already involved, belong on My Rotary, or via a hyperlink (think of the first time you tried to grasp International Grant details…)


  3. Rotary Serving Humanity is actually a mission of high concern to all Rotarians across the globe. As a Rotarian and President of Rotary Club of Juba 2016/2017, I would like to encourage all Rotarians who are “peace lovers” at Rotary Community to give their little timer on the situation on South Sudan.
    I hope your contribution towards peace building in anyhow will add more on the process of retaliation of just-peace in South Sudanese Sudan…


  4. I hope that it will be far easier to find things, on the new site, especially items that have been updated to reflect the 2016 MOP changes.


  5. Very happy to hear that a redesign is coming. Desperately needed. The public website should be selling Rotary to non-Rotarians. But My Rotary should be designed to help and motivate Rotarians, all of them, not just officers, in all of their Club functions. (As a longtime newsletter editor, I’d love to see something that will help me every week.) I realize that the world of Rotary is very diverse, and so should the My Rotary website. MY My Rotary should be built for Rotary in North America. Another for Africa, etc. I hope that it will start serving RI’s Customers: Rotarians, and truly meeting our needs. (Just like a website in the real world…) Good luck!


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