Pedaling for polio in three countries

Dave Stumpf and Christian Pepera during a training ride at the Wisconsin border.

Dave Stumpf and Christian Pepera during a training ride at the Wisconsin border.

By Christian Pepera, Rotary staff

In true Rotary fashion, my training for the Miles to End Polio ride has been an international affair. During the last three months, I have logged more than 700 miles. By the time we reach Tucson, I will have pedaled my way through five U.S. states (Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin), along the shores of two Great Lakes (Michigan and Ontario) and in three countries (Canada, Spain, and the US).

Along the way I have benefited from a tremendous Rotary support network that keeps me moving toward the finish line.

The Rotary Niagra Bridge on the Welland Canal trail in Ontario, Canada.

The Rotary Niagra Bridge on the Welland Canal trail in Ontario, Canada.

The support can be physical, like the Rotary Niagra Bridge that I crossed during a training ride on the Welland Canal trail in Ontario, Canada. But more often than not, that support is mental or emotional and comes in the form of words of encouragement from Rotarians or the camaraderie of a group training ride with fellow staff riders.

Each time I cycle passed a Rotary sign or receive a contribution toward my fundraising goal, I gain a little extra momentum and I’m reminded why I wake up so early every weekend to sit on an uncomfortable bike seat for upward of five hours.

As the Supervisor of Rotary’s Cadre of Technical Advisers, I have the pleasure of working with an inspiring group of passionate, committed, and dedicated volunteers who have taught me a lot about hard work and service. As a staff member, I like to think that I help grease the wheels of Rotary service by making it easier for Rotarians around the world to serve humanity more effectively.

The great thing about Miles to End Polio is that it has provided me with the opportunity to put my own wheels in motion – to generate funds, to raise awareness, to contribute vast amounts of time and energy, to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to a worthy cause. I’m excited and honored to be joining Rotarians and Rotary staff on 19 November as we speed closer to eradicating polio, together.

Christian Pepera manages The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers and is one of several Rotary staff members who will join General Secretary John Hewko in biking El Tour de Tucson in Arizona to raise money for polio eradication. Read posts from other team members leading up to the 19 November event and learn how you can support the team

Want to join the effort? Take part in the Indoor Ride to End Polio by riding a stationary bike at your local gym or at home anytime from 12 to 19 November.

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