3 ingredients that make a Rotarian remarkable

Our neighboring club, Sunyani East, presented exercise books and other supplies to students at Nwawasua school.

Our neighboring club, Sunyani East, presented exercise books and other supplies to students at Nwawasua school in September. Remarkable Rotarians donate time to projects such as this.

Dominic KornuBy Dominic Kornu, Rotary Club of Sunyani Central, Ghana

I first visited the Sunyani Central Rotary club in August of last year as a guest, and was instantly welcomed and integrated into club activities. I knew from the start my relationship with the club was meant to be.

I was immediately encouraged to be part of visits to project sites. My professional skills in information and communication technology were tapped to help design fliers, revamp the club’s website, and teach members about Internet security. It’s been an exciting and challenging year as I grow as a Rotarian. Through it, I’ve come to understand and appreciate three main ingredients that make a Rotarian remarkable:

  • Time: My club undertakes a number of projects, mostly installing pipes to communities that lack access to clean drinking water. These projects succeed because members make themselves available to perform needs assessments and site visits. Remarkable Rotarians also freely donate an hour of their time each week to engage in fellowship with other members and contribute their ideas to the club’s pursuit of furthering Rotary’s six areas of focus.
  • Commitment: Being a Rotarian is not a luxury, it’s a calling – a calling to serve. Remarkable Rotarians have an attitude of unwavering support for their club’s goals and those of Rotary International. They are willing to work hard to achieve them.
  • Money: Rotary is not an elitist organization. It’s a group of individuals who pull resources together to achieve a goal and in the process make the world a better place to live in. Remarkable Rotarians are willing to give to support club projects and support the work of members everywhere through donations to our Rotary Foundation. These contributions are less daunting when we see the results of our investments in the future. Remarkable Rotarians give without expecting a reward.

One philosophy I have long held about Rotary is that it is no home for ‘disguised beneficiaries.’ Do not join Rotary with the intention of reaping property or amassing wealth. This notwithstanding, there are numerous immeasurable benefits of joining Rotary. Principal among them is the social capital one accrues. You get an opportunity to grow your leadership, managerial, communication, and leadership skills.

I am especially enjoying serving my district as Director for Youth Service this year, working with youth, who are the future of Rotary.

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