Where a passion for cycling, service collide

Robson Duarte and bike in front of the São Paulo Cathedral.

Robson Duarte and bike in front of the São Paulo Cathedral.

161003_duarte_headBy Robson Duarte, Rotary staff

For the past two years, I have been a part of a volunteer group called “Atitude Certa.” Our mission is to visit orphanages and help with whatever we can, bringing joy and comfort to children even if it’s only on weekends. This is very gratifying, because we can see the joy stamped on the face of every child.

As a staff member in Rotary’s International office in São Paulo, Brazil, I take pride in helping Rotary members turn their project ideas into reality. I am proud of each project developed by Rotary. This is more than a job for me, it’s a mission and vision that is aligned with my own life values.

Robson Duarte and friends during an orphanage visit.

Robson Duarte and friends visit an orphanage as part of the volunteer group Atitude Certa.

That is why I am also excited to be part of the Miles to End Polio team as we join Rotary members from Arizona and elsewhere in cycling up to 104 miles in El Tour de Tucson 19 November. I am a frequent cyclist, using my bicycle to get around the city and also to stay healthy. It is one of my hobbies, along with hiking and sports. Taking part in the team allows me to combine my passion for cycling with a desire to contribute in a new way to ending polio.

I am motivated by the fact that we are “this close.” So many lives have been devastated by this disease. I feel Rotary is not just immunizing children, but bringing renewed hope for a better future, one in which no child has to fear being paralyzed by polio. There is no greater satisfaction in life than being a part of making the world a better place, and we are doing just that every time we administer precious drops of the polio vaccine, or when we raise the funds that allow others to administer those drops.

As a member of the Miles to End Polio team, I look forward to working hard to train for the ride and raise funds and awareness for polio, creating memories with my teammates that I will treasure forever. Thank you for supporting our team.

Robson Duarte works at Rotary’s Brazil office in São Paulo and is one of several Rotary staff members who will join General Secretary John Hewko in biking El Tour de Tucson in Arizona to raise money for polio eradication. Check back for posts from other team members leading up to the 19 November event and learn how you can support the team

Want to join the effort? Take part in the Indoor Ride to End Polio by riding a stationary bike at your local gym or at home anytime from 12 to 19 November.

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