Children draw the most interesting things

Children and their drawings

Children display their drawings about the environment.

By Shiv Agrawal, past president of the Rotary Club of Bokora Midtown Couples, Jharkhand, India

Protecting our environment is probably one of the most important issue of our day. My club wanted to tap the creativity of children, and see what they were thinking about the environment. So we organized a drawing competition to let children unleash their imagination and build an awareness of the issue.

We were surprised to see the ideas the children portrayed on their papers and the slogans they came up with. They were definitely advanced beyond their age.

This was a general and small project, and it could be done by many different organizations throughout the year. It is a topic of importance for us in India, where people tend to be rather casual about the environment despite all the knowledge we have about how we are impacting our planet, not always in good ways.

We have decided to repeat the project and involve even more of our city in days to come.

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