Special car enhances Rotary’s image in New York

Transfer car

The transfer car that Rotary members gave to the Schenectady rehabilitation hospital.

By Kathy Ziobrowski, executive director of the Sunnyville Rehabilitation Hospital, Schenectady, New York

At our rehabilitation hospital, we have a piece of equipment that we use in our therapy to help patients practice getting in and out of vehicles, in preparation for their leaving our care and recovering at home.

When Rotary members in our county of Schenectady, New York, heard about the limitations of our “transfer car,” they generously stepped in to raise money to provide us with a newer model that has many additional features. The selflessness of these Rotary members speaks volumes about their motto of “Service Above Self,” and has greatly enhanced Rotary’s image in our community.

The therapists are excited to now have a vehicle that will more completely simulate their patients’ own vehicles, as it is adjustable in height to resemble everything from a small sedan to a one ton truck. It also allows us to adjust the seat to accommodate hip precautions, patient medical restrictions, and joint limitations.

The selflessness of these Rotary members speaks volumes about their motto of “Service Above Self.”

Our patients have been thrilled. “Wow, you have a new car. It’s just like mine.” and “I can move this seat forward and back to get in and out easier,” are just a few of the comments we’ve heard. They are excited to try something in their therapy sessions which they can see will have a real tangible benefit when they return home.

The transfer unit has a bright blue Rotary banner across the rear window, letting everyone know the generosity of the clubs involved. We are thankful to past governor Terry Philips of the Rotary Club of Scotia, and all the clubs representing Schenectady County in New York, for this wonderful gift.

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6 thoughts on “Special car enhances Rotary’s image in New York

  1. Nice to hear!
    Kindly contact me if similar projects are available!
    We need all type of Medical items (ambulance,beds, wheelchairs, surgerical equipment, delivery set,laboratory and radiology equipments and many more) for my clinic here in the Gambia. District 9101.

    Here is my email ID: doctorsati@yahoo.com
    WhatsApp: 002207145169


  2. good way reach public-every where rotary do big things but it is not visible,make a mark initiate more to do good for community


  3. It’s so Great to see good humanitarian SERVICES every Rotarian in the whole World of Sharing!!!!
    I am also once Disabled and Now & then could hardly walk nor run due to my radiations and chelo because of Cancer !!
    I am alive and have my third life back !!! I am Sharing & Giving back!!!
    I love Rotary with all my heart!!
    Yours in Rotary,
    Past membership Asst Governor 2008-2012
    Áreas of Focus 2013-2014
    District 5930 South , Corpus Christi
    TEXAS , U.S.A.
    Terri De Guzman McGraw


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