Support Rotary through eBay Live Auctions

The eBay Live Auctions team

Linda Campbell (first from the right) and the Live Auctions team at eBay headquarters.

By Linda Campbell, eBay’s Divisional Merchandising Manager for Live Auctions, Collectibles and Art.

eBay logoFor all of us at eBay Live Auctions, 2016 is shaping up to be a year of opportunities: a time to overcome old challenges, a time to set ambitious goals, and a time to try bold, new ventures. In that spirit, we are excited about the partnership between eBay Live Auctions and Rotary International.

What is Live Auctions?

When I talk about Live Auctions, people usually ask what it is and how the experience is different from regular eBay auctions.  Live Auctions gives buyers the opportunity to participate in just that – live auctions – which are happening in real time all over the country in auction houses like Sotheby’s, Swann’s and Freeman’s. While others are raising their paddles in auction halls, you are bidding with the click of a mouse in the comfort of your own home or office. It is a completely different way to participate in auctions, whether you are a bidding novice or an aficionado.

It is our absolute honor to be able to donate a portion of Live Auctions proceeds to help Rotary International sustain its humanitarian efforts in communities all over the world.

Bidding through Live Auctions gives you an opportunity to “virtually” attend auctions that are too far or too inconvenient for your schedule. Not only that, but we bring together auction houses with diverse inventories that span everything from fine jewelry, to vintage toys, to art, coins and antiques. For pop culture lovers, we have hosted events with Elvis and Star Wars memorabilia!

Dozens of auctions happen every day, so make sure to check out our homepage and calendar often. You will also be able to find a curated list of the best Live Auctions events on Rotary social channels and emails. For instance, in the coming weeks we will be hosting two vintage photography auctions, one for fine jewelry and one that is offering a selection of vintage toys. Oh, and there will be another Star Wars memorabilia auction to close out the month.

Partners in Philanthropy             

For two decades now, eBay has built a reputation of being a large company with a philanthropic mindset. We give our buyers and sellers a chance to donate to various causes and organizations through every transaction. For us, Rotary’s century-long commitment to service on the local and global levels is both inspirational and aspirational. We see what an impact a group of passionate people can make when they come together over a common goal.

It is our absolute honor to be able to donate a portion of Live Auctions proceeds to help Rotary International sustain its humanitarian efforts in communities all over the world. We look forward to bringing you the best Live Auctions from around the country while also supporting Rotary’s causes across the globe.

Download a list of upcoming eBay Live Auctions that benefit Rotary.

10 thoughts on “Support Rotary through eBay Live Auctions

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  4. This is a wonderful idea. Rotary is worthy organization who believes in service above self. Was just curious to know what would the portion or percentage of sale that eBay will be donating? And how much donation we shall be anticipating?


  5. Current Rotary International President is K. R. Raviindren whose theme is “Be a Gift to the World”. Rotary initiated a program in 1985 to eradicate polio. In 1988 WHO, UNICEF and the CDC joined Rotary and formed the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation joined the effort a few years ago and has been generous with funding and creating awareness. In 1988 there were 1,000 cases of polio a day or 350,000 per year in 125 countries. In 2015 there were only 74 cases caused by the wild polio virus in two countries – Pakistan and Afghanistan. Soon the world will be polio free but funding support will continue to be needed until certification three years after the last case of polio. History is about to be made.


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