Surefire ways to welcome new members

New Member Welcome KitBy Wally Bobkiewicz, a member of the Rotary Club of Evanston, Illinois, USA

This year, our club has been working to enhance how we welcome and orient new members.

Through this effort, we learned of a resource available on — a New Member Welcome Kit containing just a few items, all of which are updated to reflect Rotary’s visual identity. This kit is intended to be supplemented with club-specific materials that highlight our membership and our impact in the community.

We are now using these kits. In addition, we give new members a printed photo roster of current members and a club brochure that we designed using Rotary’s Brand Center. The roster allows our new members to gain a better sense of who is in our club as they work to strengthen these personal relationships. The club brochure is something our new members are encouraged to pass on to prospective members in their personal or professional network.

160130_rotarian_coverWe have also begun printing a sheet of mailing labels displaying our club logo (also developed in the Brand Center) and our meeting location and time. After reading each issue of The Rotarian, we invite our new (and existing) members to affix these labels over their mailing address on their monthly magazine, and drop it off at a public space (such as the doctor’s office or gym).

These small and simple steps are intended to help engage our members in promoting our club and Rotary while also emphasizing membership development is the responsibility of every member in our club.

We’ve grown our membership by more than 10 percent

Through the first six months of this Rotary year, we’ve grown our membership by more than 10 percent, with several more individuals already identified and interested in joining.

Our next step will be strengthening our new member orientation program. If you have any tips or ideas to share, please post them on the Membership Best Practices Discussion Group.

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9 thoughts on “Surefire ways to welcome new members

  1. Just new to having access to the internet at home and am pleasantly impressed with rotary and what it seems to Stand for!!! TOGETHER We STAND DEVIDED WE FALL PEACE ✌ And LOVE ❤ 2ALL


      • HOLA A AMBOS. Mi nombre es ANA CACERES y soy rotaria del RC AUTONOMIA DEL D.4849 de Argentina. Aparte de eso, soy coordinadora de textos que traducimos al español para una FELLOWSHIP rotaria llamada ROTA LATINOS. Estaré enviando tu mail Ricardo a nuestro grupo para que se te cuenta de que se trata. Todas las semanas traducimos al español noticias que extraemos de Rotary y lo compartimos con nuestros amigos que no manejan la lengua inglesa.


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