How your giving changes lives

Polio immunization activities in Ethiopia. Your generous giving supports our work to rid the world of polio.

Polio immunization in Ethiopia. Your generous giving supports our work to rid the world of polio.

By Rotary Voices staff

When you make a donation to The Rotary Foundation, you are helping Rotary members make a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world, by promoting peace, preventing disease, bolstering economic development, and providing clean water and sanitation.

Here are just a few ways your generosity is changing lives.

  1. Eradicating polio

Thanks to you, we are closer than ever to ending polio. In September, the World Health Organization removed Nigeria from the list of polio endemic countries after going a year without a reported case of the wild poliovirus. It has also been more than a year since the last case of the wild poliovirus anywhere on the African continent. Yet it’s no time to let up on our efforts. Keeping children protected from this virus and building on these achievements will require continued commitment and funding. And every dollar Rotary commits to polio eradication is matched 2 to 1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, tripling your impact.  Watch our World Polio Day Livestream update, and give to end polio.

  1. Promoting peace and conflict resolution

Rotary’s most significant effort to promote peace is the Rotary Peace Centers program, established in 2002. Each year, the program trains some of the world’s most dedicated and brightest professionals, preparing them to promote national and international cooperation and to resolve conflict. They include graduates of a two-year master’s degree program and a three-month professional certificate program at Rotary’s partner universities. Watch a video highlighting Rotary Peace Fellows at work.

  1. Supporting education

Through a Foundation grant and in partnerships with the Organization of American States, Rotary members in Maryland, USA, provided a training program for teachers in Quito, Ecuador, which included the use of new technology. At the conclusion of the program, each school selected one story written by a second, third, or fourth-grade student to include in a book illustrated with student art. Read more about the project, and browse other education projects on Rotary Showcase.

  1. Fighting disease

In Tamil Nadu, India, two doctors, both members of the Rotary Club of Srirangam, discovered an alarming trend in the remote city outskirts of Trichy, women dying of breast cancer. They partnered with Rotary members in Maryland, USA, to purchase a large van, with the help of a Foundation global grant, and equip it with X-ray equipment. The “mammobus” has administered more than 2,500 free breast cancer screenings, and detected and treated early stage cancer in six women. Read more of the story and browse health-related projects on Rotary Showcase.

  1. Ending hunger

In Seattle, Rotary members are diverting millions of pounds of fruit and vegetable from food waste into the hands of those who need it through Rotary First Harvest, a program of Rotary District 5030 (Washington, USA). Watch a video about the program, and browse other hunger projects on Rotary Showcase.


11 thoughts on “How your giving changes lives

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  3. It’s not enough to put forward five reasons to ‘give’ to TRF, and as long as an emphasis is placed on giving, many Rotarians, I’m afraid, will resist – and we know they do. When I speak to Rotarians about the Foundation I tell them that they have, of course, a responsibility to give to TRF, but an equal and opposite responsibility to draw funds from TRF so that they can plan and manage projects that will do good in the world. TRF presents exceptional opportunities to Rotarians to achieve its mission, but, come on, TRF is just a great big pot of money that achieves absolutely nothing until, and unless, Rotarians get hold of, and use, that money.


  4. addenda to humanitarian works-how will the world be especially without the billions of kids Immunized in Philippines Africa & Asia in the past 2 decades? grateful to large hearts health workers alive & dead plus strong wallet openers like Bill & Melinda Gates Fdn & numerous contributors before he joined the facilitation For polio eradication –& globally is the quest


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