Nigeria’s president shows strong support for polio eradication

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, center, immunizes a child against polio in his hometown of Daura.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, center, immunizes a child against polio in his hometown of Daura.

By Rotary Voices staff

In September, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari immunized children against polio in his hometown, Daura in Katsina State. In his first months as Nigeria’s leader, Buhari has shown strong support for polio eradication efforts. On 24 July, the country celebrated one year since its last case of polio caused by the wild poliovirus. To mark the milestone, President Buhari publicly immunized his granddaughter against the disease.

Later this month, the World Health Organization could remove Nigeria from the list of polio-endemic countries, leaving only Pakistan and Afghanistan on the list.

4 thoughts on “Nigeria’s president shows strong support for polio eradication

  1. Polio is yet to be totally eliminated globally &countries like Nigeria Afghanistan & Pakistan are still with polio cases although far not compared to 3-5 years back lot of manpower not only money is needed to remove polo from this planet so that humanity can truly be proud of defeating this burden of resources drainage across the yearswe must all look forward to a certifying yeas of No Polio cars globally & in our locales.soye tj 14/4/19,709pm


  2. Fantastic President, Fantastic Rotarians
    -Ginger To end Polio globally

    First I congratulate all Nigerians and their Pro- Change Head Of State,President Muhammad Buhari for considering it biologically significant to have vaccinated his grand daughter with Polio vaccine in his home town Daura far out in Katsina State of Nigeria.That compliant action on its own will surely encourage a lot of other grassroots doubting Thomas es especially in the North East & North West Nigeria.Clear;y this is empowerment from a top notch political leader.It will pave way for smooth vaccinations to empower children to be properly armed against any of the childhood diseases that might strike – especially as it was in the past.
    If World Health Organisation lanced out Nigeria out of polio endemic countries -that implies all players, givers & volunteers who had doggedly worked towards this milestone locally & globally deserve celebration and recognition for putting that wild infection in its death knell at last before our very eyes!
    You know another biological gain of public health significance?What enabled Ebola to be expediently successfully controlled. was not only the experts and funds judiciously given to battle and annul the spread -the laboratory structures and allied facilities which were working gainfully for polio control also did the magic.I recalled that Mr Michael McGovern expressed delight when Nigeria recorded no new case of polio for one full year and advised that we should not relent in our efforts for total eradication.He s optimized that polio will never rebound and therefore more than 200000 children worldwide will escape being unjustly paralyzed because the pro-change government will not neglect what should be done. that will give us a bigger ,bolder holistic enduring celebration as Rotarians- In-Action will say.This then is why the Federal Government of Nigeria will sustain funding and support campaign for more global giving to end polio in the world inclusive of Afghanistan & Pakistan The advised
    I commend all Rotarians who have n’t been slothful on their giving and supervisory roles during SIPDs since 1985 till date which facilitated this milestone.The role of Rotary Districts ,Volunteer Monitors and Past District Governors who have helped to raise million s of dollars -including the current DG & DGE- D9125,AKS. Michael Omotosho & AKS Clement Adegoke must not be faintly mentioned though its not in our character as Rotarians to flaunt our widows mite
    However many other Major Donors and members of Paul Harris Society @ different levels have inspired younger Rotarians and their friends to contribute monetary and structural assets To The Rotary Foundation and to give specifically through online & offline portals To End Polio in due time.
    Noting that that RI,all Districts in Nigeria inclusive of more than 530 Districts and 34 000 Rotary Clubs in >200 countries and geographic regions have been resilient in eradicating polio globally and have been effective in popularizing and prioritizing Polio eradication as an international project which they had envisioned achievable ,despite the long gestation- they are undaunted knowing the manifold socio-economic benefits that are developing in that Global Polio Eradication Campaign involving UNICEF,WHO,CCCD-USA ,a world -class Public Private Partnership which Rotary spearheads far earlier to synergize manpower,disease -control,lab research,ambulatory practice and necessary resources before Bill & Melinda Gates joined boldly bountifully and unflinchingly since 2006 .The interim outcome of all this global cooperation and sensitivity for global health is not limited to and more than 99% polio eradication.
    All these endogenous and exogenous activities are bringing a good ginger to campaign successfully for mandatory series of immunization required all over Nigeria and other countries needing surveillance to qualify the world -Polio Free and Certification by WHO in 2018 Hoping our fantastic President will sustain moral support and he should be rest assured that Rotarians and their boosters will help to actualize this much laudable hope and goal so long coveted to reach and feel within and beyond Nigeria!-
    Gbemi Tijani MST (PP,PHF,PR Chair, RC Oluyole Estate,D9125,Cedar Resorts,Ibadan,,
    Convenor: civiconcern,Convenor:RI Annual Convention Attendee Percentage Concern Group

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