Pakistan Rotary members distribute free books

Students at St. Mary’s Academy in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, display the books they received from the Rotary Books for the World program and the Hashoo Foundation.

Students at St. Mary’s Academy in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, display the books they received from the Rotary Books for the World program and the Hashoo Foundation.

By Nosherwan Khalil Khan, a member of the Rotary Club of Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

Back in June, my Rotary club partnered with the Hashoo Foundation to distribute books to schoolchildren in Rawalpindi during a ceremony held at St. Mary’s Academy.

Through the Rotary Books for the World program, Rotary members in Pakistan are working with the Hashoo Foundation to actively promote education throughout Pakistan, and to help our country meet the Millennium Development Goals for literacy set by the United Nations. The books and educational material help teachers and students increase their knowledge, enhance classroom learning, and promote community development.

The Rotary Books for the World program began in Houston and has spread to Rotary clubs in 16 U.S. states, involving multiple book shipments a month. The Second Wind Foundation is the financial arm of the program, which handles collecting, warehousing, and shipping the books. It received funds from Rotary Foundation grants and donations from Rotary members and private donors.

My Rotary club and the Hashoo Foundation have agreed to distribute the books to selected schools and institutions across Pakistan.

A number of members of my club, including past district governors and officers, were present for this glorious event at St. Mary’s Academy. Past District Governor Iftikhar Ahmed and our club president, Abdul Mannan Khan, also handed over a wheelchair to the academy’s principal to give to a disabled child.

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4 thoughts on “Pakistan Rotary members distribute free books

  1. Education -being one of Rotary s SIX priority AREAS of humanitarian focus the books donated for mobile library service are in good order to facilitate their global awareness of issues germane to development and civic literacy.
    Gbemi Tijani RC Oluyole Estate D9125


  2. Appreciate. But please also raise voice against Polio eradication in Pakistan which is the worst Polio hit country in theworld . The other two countries Nigeria and Afghanistan are showing progress . Now Taliban threat is not there in Waziristan, Govt. needs to speed up polio drive in Northern areas. Please help Govt., help Polio teams. Awais SheikhRotarianPeace AmbassadorCounsel of Indian prisonersPresident Pak-India Peace InitiativesSweden

    Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 14:00:52 +0000 To:


  3. Good gesture and a real gift to those youngsters because it will inspire them to read voraciously being a colour content material and also being from Rotary Books and an NGO Hashish Foundation they must have packaged educative facts as well as citizenship matter in them.I commend Khalil khan reporting from St Mary Academy in Pakistan service .Might i recall that it will also stimulate them further to read more and this is in itself is a potentially wealthy habit..As someone said years back a child that reads habitually the right kind of books will eventually unlock the key to world s treasury.
    Best of good luck i whatever you read henceforth in your life
    Gbemi Tijani D9125


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