Kids can change the world too

Ten-year-old Lucía Gómez García speaks at the second plenary session at the Rotary Convention in São Paulo, Brazil. Photo by Alyce Henson.

Ten-year-old Lucía Gómez García speaks at the second plenary session at the Rotary Convention in São Paulo, Brazil. Photo by Alyce Henson.

Ryan Hyland, Rotary staff

Stagehands adjusted the microphones as low as they could go and slid a box into place. And then 10-year-old volunteer leader Lucía Gómez García of Argentina stepped up to the podium to tell Rotary members that kids her age can make positive change in the world.

“As kids we are relentless and happy,” said Lucía, addressing the Rotary Convention on 7 June. “We are always ready to explore and learn, but principally we’re spontaneous and clear. We don’t have problems to say if we don’t like anything. To tell the truth is natural and when we don’t do so, everyone knows, because we blush.”

Lucía talked about the impact young people have had on the world, such as Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, who at age 17 received the Nobel Peace Prize for her advocacy for girls’ right to education. She also mentioned Ryan Hreljac of Canada, who at the age of six raised money to dig a well for a school in Uganda. As a result of his work, the Ryan’s Well Foundation was established.

“As kids, we have our time to study, to do sports, to play. But we also have to pay attention to what happens around us,” she said. “Only if we are aware, can we identify the needs of people who live near us. If we have the capacity to detect those needs, we can propose ideas to achieve the change.”

Last March, Lucía was recognized by then RI President Ron Burton and RI Director Celia Elena Cruz de Giay during the Presidential New Generations Conference in Rosario, Argentina. The conferences drew attention to Rotary programs for youth and young adults under the age of 30. “We are young. Our projects are small, like us, but that doesn’t mean they are not important,” Lucía said. “We’re little children ready to do big things. And we can make other children join us. We belong to an organization [Rotary] that has everything to reach that goal. Adults say we belong to the “Y” or “Z” generation. They say we are digital natives. It’s true, technology is very friendly for us, but it’s just a tool. We share the same wish to help others as any other member of the Rotary family.”

9 thoughts on “Kids can change the world too

  1. I am District 7910 Rotaract Chair. I am very excited and motivated by this program. I look forward to working with district leaders to organize a committee and to implement this program in our district.


  2. Outstanding presentation. You have inspired me to start and Early Start Rotary club for my Montessori School. You are never too young to change the world!!!


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  4. Não sou rotariano, mas a Lúcia, Malaia e aquela menina do México, são crianças que estão vindo para fazer história, para mudar o mundo, com nova visão, nova forma de conscientizar a pessoas….fala-se no mundo corporativo da geração Y e da Geração Z….que vão impactar o mundo dos negócios….Eu diria que o impacto no comportamento das pessoas vai ser muito maior com essas novas crianças, as chamadas “indigo”, que estão vindo para mudar as formas como muitas coisas são feitas nos dias atuais….Amanhã e 5a.f estarei assistindo Seminários de Sustentabilidade e Meio Ambiente, agora lotados, um tema que vem crescendo na cabeça dos executivos e dos empreendedores, o que felizmente reflete uma mudança de atitude também…
    prof.João Mariano de Almeida (São Paulo-Brazil) (artigos no GOOGLE, pesquisar artigos joão mariano de almeida)….


  5. Amazing! Way to go Lucia! You’re spot on about Generation Y and Z! We love to do what we can to make the world a better place. Not many people realize that it’s an important mindset for younger generations to make a difference in the world. Thank you for spreading the word!


  6. Parabéns Lucia.Gostei do comentário sobre a Malala.Li na Brasil Rotário, fiquei muito impressionado com as atitudes das duas crianças. ”Vamos mudar o mundo com os lápis e livros.” Palavras de Malala.
    Sou Rotariano em Itaúna MG.Rotary Itaúna Cidade Universitária.Distrito 4560.


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