Rotary Convention has it all

Harriett Schloer and her grandson, Will Beaudry, in Sydney Harbor.

Harriett Schloer and her grandson, Will Beaudry, in Sydney Harbor.

By Harriett Schloer, executive secretary of the Convention Goers Fellowship

Since 1998, my husband and I have only missed three Rotary conventions. We have both come to look upon the convention as our annual vacation with the opportunity to visit many foreign countries and revisit some of our favorite places in the United States.

We always plan our trip to stay an additional week after the convention closes so we can get in all of the sight-seeing we can. In terms of the convention itself, it is our annual opportunity to again spend quality time with very close friends and make new ones.

The annual reunion dinners are a special treat and we never miss the spectacular Major Donor Dinners put on by The Rotary Foundation. We have taken our two grandsons (ages 13 and 15) to Lisbon and Sydney and both continue to talk about the experience as ones they will never forget.

We’ve heard great speakers from Queen Noor to Bill Gates to Dolly Parton to Penny LeGate and experienced some fantastic entertainment including Debbie Reynolds in San Antonio and the Four Tenors in Lisbon (fabulous!)

For us the convention has it all … friendship, fellowship, inspiration, and education.  Anyone who has never attended a Rotary Convention has not experienced the true “internationality” of Rotary and until they do, they will be missing a very important part of being a Rotarian.

3 thoughts on “Rotary Convention has it all

  1. Thanks for the update. i was not opportuned to be there as a regular conventioner due to some circumstances but viewing activities on line gives me satisfaction and great inspiration. applause to you all.

    Rotary is good.


  2. Hola soy de peru y hace muchisimo tiempo que estube en.Interac qur formaba los de rotary clud me gustaria participar ahora y poder ayudar a la.gente que mas necesita ..


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